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  1. Whats he like kennelled up mate?
  2. Whats he like with other dogs mate?
  3. Id be buying the blitz 240 the best lamp out, just my opinion.
  4. This is him here matey...i've heard varying reports from being a really good dog to doesn't do a lot?..sure some of the N/E lads will of heard more than me though? I had a pup out out of him to a 3/8 5/8th bull greyhound bitch a got him from the north east area like.
  5. Had the bizzys knocking on my door about my dogs a couple of weeks its happened a few times now I've got alot more then 2 dogs lol. They know its just the old miserable c**t
  6. Any of use heard of RIP hes a blue minshaw dog? Is he any good?
  7. Ive got a rough coated bitch mate but havent got any pics al try and sort some out bud.
  8. My kind of dog that mate shes a cracker.
  9. Some cracking looking bull xs on here . Keep the pics coming people
  10. Like the black dog mate.
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