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  1. little billy

    little billy,got my paypal closed.anyone know him

    that depends if you are selling illegal counterfeit dvds
  2. little billy

    little billy,got my paypal closed.anyone know him

    its thing called copyright, and anyone reported has been selling illegal counterfeit dvds that we own copyright to, in fact you will find other copyright holders on site also collecting information and evidence on illegal counterfeiters,
  3. little billy


    try Kevin at Tidepool he stocks agood selection he will also be at the Midland game fair with loads of gear
  4. little billy


    what a cracking good dog you must be proud,
  5. little billy

    gwp stud

    check tuffies website out they have a fine looking dog that works well on the grouse moors and rough shoots, thay make great dog beds as well
  6. little billy

    New Cocker pup

    nice pup, good luck with the training, great little dogs
  7. little billy

    Lab Pups came early

    nice pups
  8. little billy

    DTL Home international.

    well done lads
  9. little billy

    new lab,, what do you think

    Remmie - 9years old love this one,it does you proud, a fit looking chocalate
  10. little billy

    Good books

    buy a gundog training book, most things will apply to your lurcher, theres a better choice of book, the chasing comes natural to lurchers its all the other bits you ought to be teaching it
  11. stick them on ebay, and see what people are willing to pay you may be surprised
  12. little billy

    Last nights arrivals

    in general slovacks are very laid back
  13. little billy

    Its the season for new pups here is mine!

    like that visla, very nice
  14. little billy

    My wee boy Finn

    nice dog are you using it for wildfowling
  15. little billy

    few photographs of the wee cocker...

    nice leggy cocker