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  1. Don't know how to post pics so have a link. http://tesboard68150.yuku.com/topic/16749/my-two-crosses#.UXNlITDnYeM
  2. I got a half cross from a guy in Oklahoma 1/2 bulldog 1/2 patterdale. He is a great dog. The bulldog blood is redboy/eli and the patterdale blood is booth/nuttal. Do any of you guy's have any locating collars for sale? (457frequency).
  3. hello, i created a board for terrier hunting. you guys are welcome to join this is the linkhttp://terrierhunting.boards.net/
  4. hello. i am looking for an 1/2 pitbull 1/2 patterdale. or 1/4 the least i would take is 1/8. thanks for reading. you can pm me.
  5. i got a pup just a little while ago that is 1/4 pit as well i think almost 12 weeks of age see if i can get a pic of her up hopefully tommorow. what is the other 3/4 of the female in the pic?
  6. what do you think is better? and why? do any of you know how to cantact The roofer?
  7. helo, i was wondering what do you guys think about pitter-pats
  8. i know a few jagd litters coming up getting one of those thank you
  9. hi terrier men i am wondering about if you can blood trail and treeing thank ya'll
  10. what is the difference between old nuttal and new nuttal
  11. hi i might get a patterdale. the sire is 11 inches tall and 15 pounds comes from booth lines, and the dam is 12 inches tall and 12 pounds from nuttall. SO my question is what lines do you like better NUTTALL or BOOTH? thank you
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