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  1. Shadders

    Rabbit "no show"

    The bunnies get thinned down every few months on a good night's lamping. (Few hundred a night.) But I have not seen many around this year, even when the weather's good, I wonder if mixi is involved?
  2. Doing Game and Wildlife lvl 3 extended. Great college, great tutors, and you get everything you need to know in the 2 years. Can't reccomend it more, and I'm only 15 minutes away.
  3. Hi all, sorry about going through the wholem 'newbie' stage of air rifles, but we all started somewhere, didn't we? I've used air rifles a bit at my friend's house, and have used .22 rimfires before, but I'd love to get into using an air rifle for the odd pigeon or rabbit. I'm fairly clear with the concepts with an air rifle, scope, mounts etc. I see a lot of rifles I like the look of, but they simply aren't in my budget. I'm looking for a decent air rifle, possibly with a scope, going for just under £200. Any ideas welcome.
  4. I've picked up a Lanber 28" multichoke recently at a sporting auction, we also picked up a box of 'various' 12 bore cartridges. The cartridges in question are Lyalvale Express Fibre 30grm #9 shot. They were going very cheap, and we fired off a few to test the gun. After 4 shots, I noticed the barrels were ridden in powder residue and smoke, the amount that should accumulate over a day's shooting! The brass is slightly rusty, but still fires fine. Is this a problem with the cartridge? I thought it might be because the powder doesn't burn quick enough. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Shadders

    Lanber Shotguns

    Hello! I've picked up a Lanber a few days ago, and it looks to be a good quality gun, despite being second hand, that's the only info I can give on that. But I do have a Escort Semi-Auto. It's tempermental, and some cartridges work, and others will repeatedly jam. Stock was a bit loose amongst other small details, but again, it was second hand. Might be better to look for a better quality and build semi if you can afford it!