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  1. My opinion is that as your bitch is Irish Kennel Club registered then any pups she has (irrespective of sires registration origins) will be registered with the IKC. Sires details will just be added to the pups pedigree and identified with either Irish KC details or Royal Kennel Club (as they are known now) Hope this helps Jangles
  2. Only The Kennel Club can give out the titles of Field Trial Champion to dogs - anything else on a pedigree is added by breeder/owner.
  3. Could it be Skinners World Cup Retriever Team event you mean ? Scheduled for 9th & 10th May this year. Video clip from same event/venue held in 2017 : https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=skinners+world+cup+team+event+cawdor&&view=detail&mid=FCBE8CC577FA150A45A8FCBE8CC577FA150A45A8&&FORM=VDRVRV Jangles
  4. jangles


    Try contacting BASC Scotland - they could give you details of Scottish guides registered with their organisation or give you a list of local wildfowling clubs you could contact. https://basc.org.uk/wildfowling/basc-registered-goose-guides/ Jangles
  5. This may help you get over your 'spitting' problem : Jangles
  6. Drakeshead Kennels deal mainly with their FTCH/FTW dogs standing at Stud and not so much at breeding for general sale - here's a list of current pups for sale from various bitches who have used Drakeshead dogs. All it takes is a phone call to the bitch owners... http://drakeshead.com/puppies.asp Jangles
  7. If you allow the dog to run amok in a situation like this then you are teaching him to ignore you. If he thinks he can get away with it (which he does) he will eventually start to run in on other drives.You have already answered your own question - put him back on a lead ! Wait until all the excitement has subsided then quietly give him just a 'few' retrieves. Jangles
  8. Meant to say if you don't have or access to a starting pistol just use party poppers - just make sure you remove the paper streamers first ! Jangles
  9. Assuming she retrieves why not get hold of some cold game then take her out for a training session - start with hunting her up then get a friend to clap their hands together to simulate a shot. Friend tosses bird ahead - blow your stop/sit whistle.then give her the retrieve - after a few sessions if all goes well substitute the hand clap with a starting pistol shot (gun well away from the dog) do same as before with the stop/sit - throw - command to retrieve. Watch your dog at this stage make sure she is happy and keen to retrieve - if she is feeling the pressure (lip licking/yawning) go back
  10. The correct answer without a doubt Jangles
  11. Tip No 1 --- Throw the launcher in a river Tip No 2 ... Do not go and look for it - ever ! Tip No 3 ... Give yourself a proper kick up the a**** for not putting your dog away in the car the first time you saw him 'fold' You do not take a young inexperienced dog beside somebody with a shotgun A gentle introduction to Shot is a crucial stage in a dogs training. Suggestion .. Stand well away from any Gun line and let him only retrieve during the lulls in the shooting (ask that nobody fires a shot when he is close bye) Once (hopefully) he shows no adverse reaction to the shots then sl
  12. Often a 1/3 is removed or sometimes the tails are measured to the hock then the excess is amputated .... the days when having only a stump are long gone. Jangles
  13. A serious big 'No' - Jeyes is only good for pouring down a drain. Keep well away from the dogs paws as they will absorb the stuff if the kennel floor is still wet. Jangles
  14. You could try contacting the Secretary of the Kent Working Spaniel Club - they may know of local member/s who may have a dog suitable for you. Jangles
  15. If you have trained or are training your dog to stop to a flush (be it fur or feather) then it wouldn't matter if your lurcher was to chase and catch. If you also intent going to the beating this training will help in keeping your dog steady when there are lots of birds running ahead/flushing. Once it's 100% steady then I think the dog deserves to get a few retrieves whether you do the shooting or somebody else does it - steadiness has to come first or else all your months of hard work will be gone in a few minutes Jangles
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