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  1. Mullet15


    Hi does any one know where I can get some injectable penicillin or alternatives from?
  2. Mullet15


    Cheers lads! I'm going to have a look through and see what I can find. Think I've got about 1 more outing left in the boots I've got, if not the desalt work boots will have to get me out the s**t this weekend!
  3. Mullet15


    Thanks. I'll go have a look. Ideally need some hardy boots for jumping up and down on the shovel
  4. Mullet15


    I'll have a look this week, try and get some for the weekend! Cheers
  5. Mullet15


    Cheers, I don't mind spending the money as long as you get what you pay for. i was looking at the meindl or le chameau. But I will take a look at what you have suggested. Thanks again
  6. Mullet15

    Working Dog Meds

    Any of these still available?
  7. Mullet15


    Just looking at buying some new boots, just wondered whether anyone had any recommendations?
  8. Mullet15

    Badger Digging With Terriers

    Still for sale bud?
  9. Anyone round the midlands make them or got any for sale?
  10. Mullet15

    *new* Biothane® Dog Collars And Couples

    Looking for 1" with long couples?
  11. Mullet15

    Terrier Box

    haha good point. i was just after an estimate, think the single i made is 18x18x14 looks big for what ive seen.
  12. Mullet15

    Terrier Box

    Would anyone be able to give me the dimensions of a triple terrier box please? Quickly knocked a single 1 in a rush. But would like a triple
  13. Mullet15

    2 Lurcher Pups

    If pup doesn't sell, I would be interested.
  14. Mullet15

    Skin Stapler

    Thanks. Think I'll have a look in the morning