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  1. Dave91

    Theifs or fox

    Foxes wouldn't leave the place tidy of carcasses. They usually kill the lot and leave most of it once they've had their fill! Sounds more to me like badgers. Although you'd know if badgers had been in because there would be a bloody big hole int he fence or the ground!
  2. Dave91

    New pup

    Cheers lads!
  3. Dave91

    New pup

    Haha we'll leave that can of worms closed shall we gravel!
  4. Dave91

    New pup

    Didn't see them work myself, but I saw both parents and it was clear to see they'd done a bit. I spoke to the breeder a fair bit who's a member on here and he knew his stuff and has offered for me to go out with him any time I like. A few people on here can vouch for him too. I have no doubts that the parents are well worked like.
  5. Dave91

    New pup

    I'm sure! This little f**ker is a big enough handful! Just wants to batter everything it can get hold of! haha
  6. Dave91

    New pup

    He'll be mainly be putting that big strong head to good use! But no doubt he'll do his fair share of ratting and bushing as well earlier on. Wouldn't like to say much more but I'm sure you get the jist! haha
  7. Dave91

    New pup

    No one can get over the size of his head. Makes him look like a toy its so big in proportion to the rest of his body! Not too sure what his coats doing at the min. I know one of his litter mates had a much rougher coat than this when I picked him up. His face looks like he will prob end up rough coated like. I move to Scotland in a few weeks so the little fella better bloody hope he's getting a nice warm rough coat! haha. Cheers for the comments lads!
  8. Dave91

    New pup

    Alright lads, just a quick pick of the new pup. Hopefully in the next year or so I'll have a few stories to post on here with him!
  9. As much as I don't agree with the arguing and bitching that constantly goes on on this site... If you were really concerned about them going to "experienced owners only" then the price shouldn't really matter. Fair enough don't put yourself out of pocket and ask for whatever its cost you to breed them (buttons). But putting a price tag on them like £20 doesn't send out the right message at all. All the best of luck with them, but in my personal opinion you're not in it for the right for the right reasons. Dave
  10. Shame that wasn't subtitled so we could understand their justification for half of the shite that went on! Good vid though, nice to see them looking after the dogs properly washing their eyes out and iodine on the cuts (minus the beating they let the things take with that fox above ground)
  11. Dave91

    .243 for Red deer?

    Cracking advise lads! Really is appreciated! Dave
  12. Dave91

    .243 for Red deer?

    Thanks for the sensible reply. I'm sure this post will be plagued by stubborn people who will look at only the negatives as they don't use the calibre! Appreciate it a lot!
  13. Just wondering your thoughts on the .243 round for woodland and hill reds? Apologies if there's a similar topic somewhere else! Cheers. Dave.
  14. He wasn't there when I was sorry! I was there from 2008 to 2010. Must have left by I got there!