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  1. Dave platts has got pups 8 weeks old belters! me and a mate went on Sunday to pick one up top bloke aswel
  2. Breed them two dogs border lad! Put me down for a pup
  3. See loads round my way until some twat shot 18 with a rifle and posted it on face book
  4. Not into thieving machinery or driving on crops fella only interested in working the dogs a friend of mine has the rights on some fields in that village but he uses a rifle! There was no signs saying private or gates
  5. We've got our on permission just see a couple of easy rabbits and took them no big deal
  6. Anyway davis8008 we having it tommorow night or not! Keep calm and carry on! Lol
  7. Loosing vehicle and licence would be a bit extreme bud! Anyone had either happen to them?
  8. Think we might be buying a old banger between us! Was the best night so far this season lol
  9. It wouldn't of been bunnies we were hunting if it had been burnt out
  10. The gamekeeper was ok to my face didn't see him write the reg down
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