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  1. roo_tastic86

    L200 Or Ford Fanger/ B2500

    L200 are good vehicles, but as mentioned before they need servicing reguraly otherwise they do go wrong, about to do a engine change on a 04 plate. Can't say much on Ford Ranger as from what I heard from others good vehicles. The B series always seems appealing to me, but they so hard to come by, especially decent ones. Good luck in your search
  2. roo_tastic86

    Browning Citori O/u 12G Shotgun

    Still available
  3. roo_tastic86

    Browning Citori O/u 12G Shotgun

    Would love to and thank you but Im afraid the funds are needed from the sale.
  4. roo_tastic86

    Browning Citori O/u 12G Shotgun

    Some pics at last
  5. Hi all Browning Citori O/U 12g Shotgun For Sale Very good condition throughout, nice wood. Comes with all chokes (5), key, manual and browning carry case. 30" barrels, 3" chambers, mutli-choke, Right handed. Genuine reason for sale. Looking for around £950 ovno, based on similar ones I found. Im located near Blandford in Dorset. Please PM me. Pics up shortly once I can work out how!
  6. roo_tastic86

    sparsholt college

    Take great note of what hyperion says..... Well good luck buddy!! I take back what I said earlier. I'll be in my second year there in September so i will see you about. It'll be worth it and don't sweet about the age thing, im 26 and married and feel like a old man sometimes with the younger lads, lol. But they are a great bunch and remember this you are there with like minded people and all have one thing in common, you will learn just as much of the other lads and lasses on the course as well as the course itself. Keep your head down and work hard but most of all enjoy it. Well done mate
  7. roo_tastic86

    sparsholt college

    To be honest you might of left it a tad late, if its the same amount of lads (40+) that are on the course im on then good luck, but u never know, as for the interview and that business then it toke around a month for a reply, get on the phone me thinks.
  8. roo_tastic86

    Fox snare

    A dilema Don't wish to point the obvious, but did you kneel down when setting it. Snare been near any chemicals/man made scents and did you boil it.
  9. roo_tastic86

    snaring rats

    wicked If you don't mind me asking, what is the catch rate like? compared to live catch & spring traps.
  10. I agree with the above, on the same course, well worth it and a good reputiable college.
  11. roo_tastic86

    Hi all

    Hi, no relation to me
  12. roo_tastic86

    Hi all

    Hi all another newbie here Looks a good friendly place here In to most types of shooting, wishing to try most of them.