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  1. I'm selling my Schmidt bender stalking scope. As above 6x42 German made reticule 2 (centre post and cross bar). It shows the usual marks associated with a hunting scope but the optics are crystal clear. This is a standard ring mounted scope not a fixed rail. Ideal scope for a stalking rifle. I will add pictures later. Asking £290 shipped. Thanks Mark.
  2. You wont go wrong with either if you stick to those 2 makes. Been shooting fabarms for 5 or 6 seasons. Guy i shoot with has had his 7 or 8 seasons. Another few of my friends shoot them too. Never had a problem with them and we're very hard on autos. Cycle everything from the lightest trap loads to the heaviest goose loads. Great handling guns. Nothing wrong with benellis either although i have seen them jam on lighter loads. To the best of my knowledge fabarm dont make an auto which is 3 1/2" chambered if this is an issue for you. Atb Mark
  3. I see someone didn't know how to break a gooses neck!!lol
  4. I have 2 brand new baby mojo mallard drakes with stakes, new type with magnetic wings. Never out of the box. I brought these home from america last year. They were 2 combo packs of a baby mojo and a floating mojo. I decided to keep the 2 floaters for myself and sell the 2 babys off. £75 each. £4 p&p
  5. Agreed Mik. 36 gram 5's will shoot geese every bit as far and every bit as dead as 56 gram 1's + faster onto the next bird due to less recoil. Anything short of full choke is for girls!!
  6. The canadas are spreading out well. No shortage of good canada calls out there. I'd go for one of the poly carbonate calls like zinc, primos or buck gardner calls. All will call geese when you get used to blowing them. 20 snow's would be a nice sight. Id settle for 1, preferably at 25 yards with his feet down!!
  7. Buck gardner double nasty would be my choice for a budget mallard but there are lots of good calls out there. Haydels, duck comander calls both sound well in the right hands.
  8. Banagher in co.offaly i assume. No lead ban in the south yet as far as i know. Stick to the good old lead as long as you can. Do you know what type of geese you have? Down there i imagine there grey geese of some sort, either greylags or whitefronts. The later are protected. For greylags something like 40grams of 4 or 5 will do your job well. Rc's, B&p's or noble sports are all worth having. Rc 40 semi magnums in 5 would be my choice if you can get your hands on them. Will advise you on calls when i know what type of geese you have. ATB Mark.
  9. Being from Ireland i can shoot them all with lead as long as its not over water. B&P 36g 5's or 6's will do all. No need to carry 5 different boxes of shells!!
  10. Quite easy to tell the difference. A snow goose is only about half the size of a greylag they have many different plumage phases but an adult will be pure white with black wing tips. 1st year birds are a similar grey to a greylag but have a white head. You would be much more likely to see them in with a flock of pinks then greylags. Domestic geese being originally bred from greylags call like greylags. Snows make a 2 note call similar to whitefronts or pinks.
  11. Are you on facebook?? Look for William Wykes. Pretty sure its wigtown he shoots. Good fella, we had him over at the divers last year. Im sure he'll answer any questions for you. Atb Mark
  12. Greys generally fly early, with the exceptions of very frosty mornings, mornings with heavy fog or in and around a full moon, they should start to arrive at your feed fields at the first crack of daylight . They are the wariest of all the goose species so make sure your well covered up. They have a habit of flying high so good cover overhead is a must!! As far as calls go dont overdo it. There really easy to overcall. If your not used to blowing a call at them dont try to reproduce the skirls you hear them make as they fly, they make a soft gaggle sound, say ha ha ha ha ha into the call and le
  13. If they start to ferment you'll have drunk ducks!! Twice as easy to shoot. You'll know the ones that have eat them, they wont be able to fly!!
  14. Well done again men. First greys showed there faces here yesterday. Give them a week to settle in. Hopefully get a whack at them next saturday.
  15. Scaup, pochard, tufted, goldeneye, widgeon, teal, mallard, gadwell, shovelers, pintail and we also get canada, greylag and pinkfoot geese.
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