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  1. its only to sleep in in the nights its in the garden most of the day mate I have a patio so easy cleaning thanks
  2. haha that's a gd un mate didn click on at first lol,shes half nuttal so hopefully have sum fire in her belly once she comes of age
  3. no sarkey comments about her belly she hadent long had food lol
  4. I have searched for them on here only found about 4-5 pics of them and was wondering have any of you work them that could chuck few pictures up,heres my 8wk old patt x lakey
  5. don't enter a terrier uintill its atleast 14month old take them to watch a few digs ect so they no whats expected then they should go in once they are ready
  6. that's a good one watchdog thin k ill go for similar to this as I have a brick shed so could use this thanks
  7. thanks lads sum good ideas!@ onlywork matters only locked there in the nights b runnin in my garden most of the day mate
  8. thanks joe will do naw thanks zilverhaze but I fancy a bash at makin one mate
  9. sum photos of your kennels where you keep your terriers please lads,want to build something but unsure haw big ect it should be,thanks
  10. thanks all comments very helpfull diddnt realise it would be anything to do with police ect think ill stick to my air gun as my police past ent to good and will get refused,cheers guys happy hunting
  11. what no tidy ish air rifel will take it down?haw would i go about looking into gettin a rifel?cheers for comment
  12. hi guys,ive got a webley stingray.22 at the moment to get me started but i have been offerd a possible bit of permission for lamping fox with gun,friend dad having a few problems recently,im looking for a decent gun to take them down humanely,im not looking for a top of the range gun with worth 1000 plus just a decent gun what does the job and possibly sum websites if you could,thanks
  13. sure budget vets up blackwood or the vets in blackwood town do it bobb
  14. Thanks both comments,ye ill try sum salt water naw thankyou,were can I get that hibby scrub?and she's 7and a half she is at that age where problems start unfortuonatly :(its on her neck right hand side she did have it in the summer vet said its normal for big long haired dogs can get it but its re appeard naw and its not summer so I'm confused,I had tablets and a wash last time but I think there is a reason for this re appearing,thanks for the help
  15. Hi everyone,ino my one do is not a working dog she's a rottweiler but she has a heat lump on her neck wich is getting sticky and pussy,I took her to the vets not long ago about it and they charged me for tabs and washing stuff,just wondering isit because my working bitch is passing sum germ onto her or something? I can describe it its a large area on the neck and its abit pussy and swowlen,any help atall would be much apprecheated
  16. They're 8 months old bought them off a mate who worked them but he packed it all in now,they're nip trained erc took the small one out today and he worked brilliant thanks for the comments
  17. Ye thought as much thanks for that still good exercise for dog and ferret I suppose
  18. Bought 2 working hobs yesterday and they are pretty well for young ones,found good couple holes with fresh rabbit droppings and were going through the burrows well but no rabbits it was terrible rain,a mate of mine said this weather they will leavethe burrows as its damp and gather in bushes ect could that explain it?
  19. Will up load more pictures tomos in the light,going to do abit of ferreting tomoz morning so ill take few piccys aswell
  20. What do you mean by that?I buy and sell cars and mx bikes I have a decent income I can afford to keep my dogs and run my own home and keep my family,so I can comment on sum1 who is unemployed who would struggle to keep the up keep of a dog
  21. @rm I just fancied a diferent type of hunting and abit of a challange with teaching a terrier not to much to ask for,and as I said beggining of post the mrs don't like me out at night with her and the little one at home so day work would be less arguments
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