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  1. Thanks lads , he wasn’t a 100% hunter as most of yours was but he did his bit,  I was happy in the bits he did,  missed lots as I got ready to take him out tonight as had to shake myself,, hey he had everything I could give him,, thanks..

  2. We will always moan and disagree but it was a better minded England  from the kickoff , ok we again got  nervy and resorted to the same panic stricken mentality of the other World Cup England teams,  but it was simple for me as Henderson desided to go sideways and back passing instead of how he started on the front foot, this system works but only if you commit with speed of foot and mind and thats what will undue us,  just make us proud with effort and a attacking mentality and not a rabbit in headlights,,  Kane scored 2 and I applaud him, did he have a good game as a striker?  Not for me too slow and didn’t hold ball up well and at times it was him him and him,, as for the pens v him they was two shocking mistakes made by fef and var.

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  3. I’m about fed up with there moaning to be honest, sad yes, unexpected ? No not really,  shouldn’t have been as bad but always going to happen,  next year be the same !  Same shite same boo hooos 

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  4. It's the time off year get used to it, where I am in Scotland it's easy liveable  but  in some areas yes very unsafe,  more to come I'm sure, all we can hope for every year is the non loss of life, glad I'm off the road driving day to day.

  5. I like him but geez he's made some mistakes , I would have gave him a bit more time but he's not only lost his team but the fans are just total bored of him . It kept Leicester up last year doing this so that's why the boards are acting.

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