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  1. Think I've found the post, any pictures of pup? Is it a bitch?


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    Any lurcher pups coming available soon? I'm after grey/whippet or collie/grey/whippet. Happy to travel for the right bitch pup.


  3. Pup wanted. View Advert Any lurcher pups coming available soon? I'm after grey/whippet or collie/grey/whippet. Happy to travel for the right bitch pup. Advertiser MikeTheDog Date 13/01/22 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  
  4. Disconnect the track rod ends and check for seized top and bottom swivel joints.
  5. A well captured picture . Nothing wrong in running rabbits in the snow imo and with as many dogs as you like.
  6. If I had a wound on my arm as big as whippet08's dog I would be down casualty or repair it with those sticky strips soon as and I bet you mum's and dad's would take your kids to casualty if they came home with a similar wound to their body....But at the end of the day it's only a dog and not covered by the NHS!..duh.
  7. Stitched up it will heal in seven to ten days, left open it will take weeks!
  8. Not a good idea to put your address up here Robert!...There's a lot of scum/dog thieves that trawl these web pages.
  9. A good picture is worth a thousand words!...You may not like the pictures that people post here you might even think they're of poor quality. I like to share some of my pictures and the majority (I think.. ) like to see them. I don't post them to 'big' myself up I like to share and remember good times out. And yes she caught it...
  10. Some mate!....Telling you you've made the wrong choice. Good cross you have there, have fun and tell your mate to get lost.
  11. Beautiful pup!...Hope you have many years of fun with your first lurcher, they're addictive!......
  12. It's pretty rough in some parts down my way, needless to say I would never run my dogs on this terrain unlike the local 'caravan club' who regularly drive across these fields and tip their dogs out on sighting hare or fallow.
  13. My Meg' launched herself out of the window after a squirrel a few years back, fortunately I was only doing about 20-25 mph. She gave bit of a grunt when she hit the ground but kept her feet and gave chase. She has never tried it since...
  14. Very nice looking dog you have there! That chain will build his neck muscles up....Ideal for retrieving heavy game...
  15. Predator and Prey

    © MikeTheDog

  16. The Dales and Moors have huge open spaces, a rabbit usually has a long way to go to reach safety whereas down south the fields are small, lots of hedges/banks where a rabbit can reach safety in a few hops....Simples!...Rabbits up north are easier to catch on the large open spaces!...Been there, seen it, done it, got the T shirt and the pictures! I envy you lads up north with the opportunities you and your young dogs have.
  17. Sad news! Humans adapt and animals adapt even better. I'm sure you will have many years of good hunting with her.
  18. Should make good mouching/ferreting dogs!
  19. You should be the alpha not one of the mutts I am you bitch... . I think you know what I meant..
  20. Be mindful of the risks when you put dogs together," kennel three bury one". I'd put my two together, ones alpha the other beta so no problem fighting for pecking order. Seen too many reports on these web sites about coming home from work and finding a dead terrier/lurcher, if you don't have space for a number of dogs don't keep them together. jmo!
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