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  1. lost my bitch fly 2 nights ago lamping hit a wall sadly found her dead the next day was out hours and hours searching for her absolutely Gutted I own the grand mother to this bitch and use to own their grandad to her to if any 1 who owns or knows of this litter planning doing a litter in near future let me know cheers
  2. Same here I give him a text couple weeks back must have different Number not sure if any one else had any pups of this group I know monkey Darren had 1 but sadly got ran over
  3. Any of these dogs still going would love to find out I know it’s a long shot heres fly
  4. View Advert 15 month old lurcher bitch for sale Bull greyhound bitch 15 months old Just over 23tt very racey type requires little work on the lamp spotting and jumping but she tends to find ways to get through Good recall and good in the kennel shes been on rhd shes been worked in the day with terriers mainly genuine reason for sale not selling the bitch as a working bitch dose require Work on the lamp £150 South Wales Advertiser laidlaw22
  5. Yeah some times it’s harder than saying lol I’m hoping I can pick a second dog just for times like this I’m planing on putting her in pup in the near future nothing worse not having a dog to run
  6. How would you say to maintain them ? I regular check them 2s-3 times a day putting b radiol on them bathing them gently moving them with a massage lead walks i use metacam when they swell up but this time they havnt swell up the vet give me a course of it the other day I’ve been giving her it daily but there’s no swelling there
  7. Yeah I understand I’ve never experienced It before 1st time for me been a night mare I havnt got a magbox but been looking to get 1 her toes have been fine for years never had a problem just my luck the beginning of the season
  8. There hard lumps not swollen both said calluses bone man said they won’t be a problem they can be run on she had 6 weeks rest from another injury so had plenty of rest with lead walks ..then another 1 has gone like it he said to use Iodised oil on them witch I have with b radiol both said no breaks or dislocated just calluse over witch I don’t understand how it happen she’s normally got good tight feet they look a mess now
  9. They never broke they seem to get worse as I take her out started of with the inner twos of both feet now she got 2 on her right foot been check by bone man and vet both said there not broken
  10. anyone experienced calluses on dogs toes how did they affect the dog did they still run the same ?
  11. Smart dogs you got there pal
  12. skoda octavia 1.9 tdi 2000 reg estate 110 k on clock low milage for the year 2 months mot drives straight every thing works stops starts could do with a new battery got 1 here but needs charger cars not mint lol bit of state in side just been used for lamping with dogs on waiting for log book no mot papers loads of history to back milage pulls like a train 2 door handles don't work got to pull the wire can be fixed just needs putting back on never bothered me it's no show car lol few dents in roof just being honest if any 1 wonts it £350 South Wales 07926008968
  13. 350 for show lurchers silly money if you ask me for pups witch ain't out of working parents just show dogs IMO ends
  14. make your own add if you want a dog ! Cheers grant
  15. Looking good mate I'll get some pics up of the dog pup over weekend Glad she's Setteling in mate she settled in the 1st night up all night fighting and barking at the other dog crazy pup I like it tho took it to the beech today couldn't believe the stuff she was doing for a pup belter
  16. the pup is mad no fear at all lol loved the water good swimmer for a pup
  17. the top one looks spit of my pup what cross is it as I don't know whats in mine as dam was jumped by mistake and took it off guy who had to give up working dogs Dam saluki greyhound Jamie's jack breeding Sire bull grey I own the dam to the dam of the pups
  18. I'm only making slip leads I'll leave the collars to ss can't beat his collars or price best on the market to be fair but you can't moan 3 slip leads for the price of a tenner it's a packet of fags these days lol they last a few years to I've made some 3 4 years ago and still going strong atb grant
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