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  1. steve55

    Ferret Finders Second Hand Price

    You might have luck on facebook, they have plenty of hunting sections with adverts for sale.
  2. steve55

    Mister President !

  3. steve55


    He was a racist:
  4. steve55

    Scottish Hardman

  5. steve55

    Has Trump Finally Reached The Tipping Point ?

    I was hoping to see Sanders v Trump, but Sanders got cheater.
  6. steve55

    Scottish Trip

    Great stuff. Hope your had a great trip.
  7. steve55

    Slippery Concrete

    Sprinkler some sand on it? Depends how long it lasts before washing off though.
  8. steve55

    Bigger Pond Build

    Great job. My work did same thing, got a pond and didnt realise how big fish would grow, so had to give away some of the fish instead of getting bigger pond sorted.
  9. They are going to demolish hundreds of homes to make way for the new runway. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-37605123
  10. steve55

    The Real Holocaust ?

    Just look at the land that was stolen from them after WW1. Why did UK and France ignore Russia when they invaded and took 52% of Poland? Also, look at this....USA was attacking Japan BEFORE pearl harbour, but you dont see that act of war mentioned...
  11. steve55

    S A S And Quads.

    Are people not aware that the CIA are funding these people? Just look up CIA ISIL on youtube
  12. steve55

    S A S And Quads.

    So much for no boots on the ground.
  13. steve55


    Have the police been informed about this incident?