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  1. its got the legs and feet of queen anne legged russell
  2. found this pic and he looks like he will make a little cracker
  3. nowt else to do on a day off lol dogs are cleaned brushed fed and walked so hello google
  4. cracking bitch that lolapat do you no if its kc or not
  5. would love a nice beddy but wouldnt pay the price, people are asking 400+ for a pup
  6. hi lads ive got pics but not the type you can post on an open forum, she has been weighed today and she is 26lb but as stated just out of a season, she is also the short stocky type
  7. he said earlier he gives 4 eggs and milk and then goes out for up to 2 hours, wtf u going to get within 2 hours of leaving and returning home
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