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  1. lampingmanJoe

    Hello Hunting Life

    hello im from taunton you do much around bishop lyderd way?
  2. lampingmanJoe

    Deer Grey X Sal Grey

    haha your wishing now mush we will see in december time .. some lad from bridport mate no fancey lines to him i dont think so anyway but he should turn out alright
  3. lampingmanJoe

    Growth Spurts

    my mate has a staffy the brother to my staff and he fed him on a barf diet from when he was a pup and untill now and he is quite abit bigger then my dog only in height i would say he is about 20tt and mine is 17 18 and i fed mine on a compleate food and abit of raw now and then i think it maybe down to the calcuim and protien but fuk knows lol
  4. lampingmanJoe

    Deer Grey X Sal Grey

    cheers buddy he is a nutta never wants to stop lol
  5. lampingmanJoe

    Deer Grey X Sal Grey

    salxdh nerly 5 months comeing on well very puppyish still tho lol
  6. lampingmanJoe

    Asil Young For Sale

    where abouts are you pal?
  7. lampingmanJoe

    Update Photo's Of Pups 4 Weeks Old

    Your son has a good eye lol they all look like crackers atb with them buddy
  8. lampingmanJoe

    Update Photo's Of Pups 4 Weeks Old

    strong looking pups pal the brindal one really caught my eye atb
  9. lampingmanJoe

    New Pup

    What x is that mate because he is a spiting image of my pup
  10. lampingmanJoe

    What Happens To Last Years Dogs

    down the mine shaft or a bullet in the head lol
  11. lampingmanJoe

    The New Pup

    i know the dad is a dh x grey just the dam looked abit short to be a sal x grey but the sire was a good allrounder it was to cheap to say no .....its just a lurcher mate many ppl buy dogs and not know the breading it dosent mean feck all....aslong as it does wat i want it dont matter
  12. lampingmanJoe

    The New Pup

    anyone else runs this cross?
  13. lampingmanJoe

    The New Pup

    iv been told its a saluki grey x saluki deerhound but not to sure they said he was 8 weeks old but i would say more like 6 weeks these are the pics when i got him
  14. lampingmanJoe

    Bull Greyound Pups

    how far are you from somerset pal?