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  1. AND THEN HE GAVE IT AWAY THE WEEK AFTER :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  2. The dog that night was slipped on something and it took him off and away,after the lads looked for it until there lamp batteries died the owner left his coat where the dog ran off.The next day they were up there looking for it and the next night when the dogs bedding was left as well,the next day was also spent looking for it and when they returned that evening he was there. The lad who is a good mate and my hunting partner was not gutted it was there or why did they spend so much time looking for it?(he phoned me well chuffed when they found him by the way). The lad had never said it was s
  3. DANCES, does your mummy know your putting your phone number on the internet for grown men and women to phone you, you better take it of son or you will be on the naughty step
  4. parnts dead one was a double dog only other a greyhound never seen a field dont phone him hedz he will talk you to death about his big bad bull xs
  5. anyway got to go dogs need walking and feeding before all the old grannies take there posh pooches on the park, ive sent my christmas letter of to santa and said, hi mr santa ill have anything this year as i know there millions of starving children out there iam not being choosy but please make sure if i get a dog again dont let it be a minshaw ,as i will starve to death as they cant catch a cold on a winters night,
  6. let me know who you are and ill answer your ques. CAN YOU ANSWER THESE PLEASE AS WE ALL KNOW YOU LIKE TO TELL THE TRUTH,LOL
  7. come on you can try better then that surely dances,
  8. hi robert honest to god his mummy takes him lamping,
  9. so back to this minshaw dog,lol was it true then dances the dog was lost down with you proberly collapsed in a field???? is it true it dint run much at all that night and you left it, is it true the bloke was gutted when you found it another night?? is it true the bloke got rid of it as his words its a shit dog???/ is it true it turns up up north and its another great minshaw?? please just answer true or false under the questions :toast: :toast:
  10. sorry to upset you dances we dont miss you either heard you got married lately congratulations
  11. it doesnt matter johny who iam am iam just saying what was wrote on one for the pot by you and your mate, but please dont come back on here stating there great as your not comin back on your banned for life you lazy liein little toad, but one thing and go on deny it your mate was gutted when you found the dog and what have you seen it take????tell the truth johny you know you want to,lol i will tell them nothing and your to young to know a good dog or a bad dog,
  12. come on hedz your not that silly :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  13. johnie you wrote on the other site the dog was lost it ran of for 2 nights and couldnt be found so how the hell do you now say its a cracker ,how old are you 18?? and best part of 18 stone you also wrote your mother took you out lamping that night with the lad who owned the dog, and by chance 2 nights later you found it, but being honest the dog was shite the lad was gutted he found it as he didnt want it in his kennel it just had no heart, but then it arrives up north and its another top dog to join all the rest of the unseen untested minshaws,and to be honest once there out of the
  14. did the lad in norfolk not give it away because it was shite?????
  15. for my dog to be able to catch a daytime hare then i could take a picture and write all about it,
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