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  1. I think its a matter of instinct over pain. my dog changes when the sun goes down. a friend of mine looked after her when i was on holiday and was shocked by the change in her temperament when he took her out for a walk at night compared to the day. she was a different dog he said. When a lurchers instinct kicks in, and they have a lot of it, pain is not an issue. Same as us humans really.
  2. Make sure you join them in a parallel circuit cause if you get it wrong and join them in series you will have 24v running through your lamp.
  3. My Mrs got me a striker for xmas and being a traditionalist I went on a Boxing day hunt last night. the truth is because of a newborn baby and my dog having a litter of pups this summer I have not been out for what i would call properly for a year. i would only call myself amateur at the best of times but last night i was dead keen. Well the lamp worked brilliantly but me and the dog were not up to much. I felt like all the gear but no idea and hung my head in shame. still i persevered and she eneded up having a few good runs and i returned home determined to do better with some dignity reclai
  4. was this on permissive land or were the plod just being generous
  5. Crossed my collie greyhound with a dhxdh/greyhound and kept a pup hes three months old now. Any advice on retrieve training that you can pass on would be brilliant.
  6. Just crossed deerhound/deerhound greyhound with my bitch and kept one back hope he comes on as good
  7. permission is like sex its only a problem when you aint getting any and im not.
  8. my mrs has offered to buy me a lamp for xmas so im the same boat.
  9. Mt girlfriends offered to buy me a new lamp and battery for xmas. Any suggestions looks like ive got about £100 budget any experience of the kits on offer and advice on getting a good allrounder.
  10. Three. Ive been taking her out since she was about 18 mounths she's just had a litter of pups (all sold) so she's been out of action for a while im starting to get her fitness back after her litter and the summer. Just wanted some advice before I start her again.
  11. hello hunting life members. Im jon, from bristol, and im looking to gain some knowledge/wisdom fom this forum. Been getting back into outdoor sports with my lurcher and im perhaps aliitle too over cautious with her as i dont want to spoil her because of my lack of experience. I hope to pick up some sound adivce from sound people.
  12. Im returning to the world of lurchers after 15 years absence and could do with some help and advice or perhaps just some reassurance. Lills is a collie/greyhound and is in almost every aspect an excellant dog loads of heart, stamina, works the hedges, marks her prey and a good looker too. What i need help with is the sitting rabbits, she will only chase runners if the rabbit sits she just marks it, perhaps slowly stalking, but she wont go for the kill untill it moves and usually by that time the its had time to bolt for cover. She does it to cats too if its running she will nearly kill herself
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