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  1. that rat caught in a kitchen in sweden is fecking huge!!!!!!

    1. bushing lad

      bushing lad

      its on bbc news website. don't know how to do links

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  2. is the snow comeing???? just a flutter of the white stuff.....

  3. Danny dyer in east enders haha and hes still a ard fooker and west ham supporter lol

  4. starting me new job tommorow roll on the pay checks haha

  5. f**k Andy Murray. I'm a proud Englishman, so I won't be claiming a foreigner's success. Bring on the Ashes, I say. We'll be unstoppable now Pietersen is back.

  6. Gone fishing for a few days, no Mrs, no internet,no stress...

  7. coca cola do 'sandeep' & 'mandeep' on their bottles..... but dont do fcuking RHYS!!

  8. feels like the snow no far away

    1. bushing lad

      bushing lad

      indian summer forecast for next week says bbc news

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  9. A boy comes home from school at 7pm, His dad says "where were you?” "I was with Jessica." He replied. "What were you doing?" "We were studying." After picking a snack off the table the son says "These fishcakes are lovely." Dad replies "Wash your hands son; they're f*****g donuts."

  10. Everyones a comedian nowadays. Even the paramedic who was unable to resuscitate Whitney couldn't avoid the odd gag when he radioed dispatch and said "Its Houston, we have a problem!!"

  11. I'm so proud of my African pen friend.He tells me he hasn't had a drink in weeks. Hang on in there mate.

  12. f*****g Co-op ran out of milk again because of the bad weather. Thankfully Doreen, my 92yr old neighbour, has loads of it piled up at her front door!

  13. Hi all, was out before walking my aunties dog and came across a plot of land where their was a lot of (SCUTTIES) young rabbits. whats going on with the seasons its good knowing that there will be a good winter next year for the lurcher and gun on the land that i have permission on was just wondering if anyone else has spotted any youngsters around their area ??????

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