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  1. View Advert Ferret kits 4 hobs 3 Jill’s for sale £10 each. Working parents and a mix of black and albinos. To early to tell how they will turn out but will be racey and lean like their parents. they will be ready/6weeks on the 16th September or you can pick them up at 8 weeks whichever you prefer. stockton area in the north east Advertiser Lewis Ste Date 17/08/18 Price £10.00 Category
  2. View Advert Nikko shadow Indy Nikko shadow Indy for sale. 14 7/8” inch stock, 27” barrels. Nice tight action clean gun. Had a crack to the forestock professionally repaired. Sore the same gun at the northern shooting show for £545. I’m after £395. northeast area, welcome to try it before you buy on my land. atb lewis Advertiser Lewis Ste Date 16/05/18 Price £395.00 Category
  3. It’s around 11.5flbs with jbs. I haven’t shot it yet since getting it back from custom air gun repairs as I’m over in Germany this week.
  4. My cousin has a lovely bitch he’s looking to line this year if you pm me I should be able to give you his mobile number we’re up in the north east. atb lewis
  5. It’s away getting a regrease and the power set mate, will have it back Friday and post some then bud. thanks
  6. Hw97k mk1 swap View Advert Hey gents, iv got a weihrauch hw97k mk1 for swaps or sale. It’s got the the 25mm piston, recently had new piston seal, delrin top hat and spring guild. It’s currently at Custom Airgun repairs& servicing getting a regrease and once over with my other 2 bus that are there. The gun stands me around £250 the wood is in good condition but the bluing lets the gun down as you can imagine of a gun of its age. Ideally it wants rebluing and become a collectors item. im looking for a hw80k or hw95k as I prefer a break barrel w
  7. Put I picture up mate I don't understand where you mean 'on the barrel'
  8. Lighter pellets generally give higher reading over the cronographs using springers for some reason I can't remember but that's not to say a heavier pellet such as a jsb won't perform better just because it's heavier and not putting out 0.5 of a flbs less. It's all just experimenting and testing mate
  9. How you getting on with hw35 you still fancy the uk springer champs?
  10. ive a bipod on a 25.06 mate with quite of recoil...... ive never had any bother and find a harris swivel bipod a great help at long range shots. what is "the prone" by the way?? Spring air rifles recoil different to full bore rifles. If you think about it the spring pushed the piston which makes the pressure to push the pellet down the barrel at 600fps. So the recoil has started before the pellet even leaves the barrel at the relitivly slow speed compared to the full bore rifle where the only recoil is of the bullet leaving the barrel at 2000fps? Also the only direction the full bore rif
  11. 06/07/14 all the dates and places are on http://www.nefta.org.uk if you fancy going to any let me know will try sort something out. York isn't to far away really
  12. They arnt taking any new members until next October. I spoke to the guy in the gunshop in bishop aukland who is involed with it all. Can still go shoot the hft round of the nefta hunter series there as a guest shooter
  13. Don't take this the wrong way but if your only shooting indoor targets so the chances are you shoot off a bipod or rest how light do you need it to be? I have an ultra and it's a cracking light weight rifle but I wouldn't want to do a full target session refilling it every 40 shots
  14. You best ask the protuner... The top hat was designed to add weight to the piston and hold the spring in place. (I think) if made from delrin it's only going to weigh a few grams and won't make a diffenerce that way but will stop the spring from jumping round in the piston reducing the twang (his service doesn't offer this product) but the piston liner is just a stainless steel pop can cut into a sheet by chopping the end off then rolling up a sliding into the piston with spring in. Don't have it to tight as the spring will expand slightly when compressed. When just keep taking strips of the e
  15. Not really a fan of marmite, more of a ham and cheese man myself...
  16. Ok mate are you available tomorrow at any pointOne more thing you don't have any spare mounts by any chance do you Yeah I should be about tomorrow evening or Wednesday evening would be better. I work til 4:30. If you want it for 40 il chuck in some mounts just drop me a pm and il let you know when I'm free
  17. Not 100% sure but possibly a sportsman or trophy it's quality glass and made in the Philippines not the Chinese rubbish. It's got the 30-30 ret but didn't bother me as not going to be shooting far past 40m so didn't need loads of milldots. I'd take 40 as that's what I give for it cheap scope but quality. I just don't need it and it's gathering dust really
  18. How much preload does it have? I fitted one straight into my 97k with the weihrauch spring guide and piston sleeve made from abit of pop can a worked fine and smooth at 11.5. Fitted a new custom spring guide and top hat and it's dropped the power to 10flbs with no piston sleeve and no twang but more preload. I would try a fitting a piston sleeve or top hat to try and remove the spring fore end moving around And make sure the spring guide is a nice snug fit inside the spring but enough clearance to rotate freely. As simple as they are they can be very annoying
  19. Iv got a bushnell 3-9x40 that would sit nicely on it, I paid £40 for it to sit on a springer I never bought. I'm in Darlington
  20. Iv just put one in my 97 with some custom spring guide and top hat and it's very nice to shoot now
  21. You interested in swaps or just sale?
  22. Il be down there Sunday with me uncle
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