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  1. Hi Walshie i cant pm you as i have no access to my pm's so i had to put up on here

    like i say i have no access to my pm's and i dont no why? do you know whats going on with my pms

    i have sent 2 Contact Messages to the mods/admin other the last few days but i haven't had reply

    so can find out whats going on and why i have no access to my pm's

    thank you


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    2. nick703


      I was offered a pard on night vision forum but told not to let mr b/o no about the price as he would not be happy, so just putting two an two together an coming up with him being a nob 😁

    3. ukhunter


      Nick sorry but what has that got to with me ?


      and Walshie your moderator on here can you tell me whats going on here pls

    4. nick703


      it's got nothing to do with you, was just offering advice. Good luck getting it sorted 👍