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    A career in gamekeeping

    @wonderwellies: thanks for the tips. I know exactly what you mean with regards to qualifications, I've seen it happen within other professions as well. It certainly changes things but, I find often, not necessarily for the best. I have indeed already stumbled across NGO & GWT and have noted their advice, but it's nice to hear confirmation that the advice they give is valid and relevant, thank you. You're dead right though, I'm already finding this site a goldmine of information. @jazz_11: interesting to hear about your experiences. Also interesting what you say about employers seeking guys (or gals!) who've studied at Sparsholt. I was wondering if there might be a particular college that's favoured by employers. Could you elaborate more on this please? Has anyone else found this to be the case also?
  2. carlosmingos

    A career in gamekeeping

    Cheers farmerkev, i've always been jealous of the lifestyle that keepers have. Suits me down to the ground. Only recently I've told myself to stop being a knob and do something about it!!
  3. carlosmingos

    A career in gamekeeping

    That's great thanks Danw, I remain not completely disheartened! :-) I'm based near Milton Keynes (for my sins!) but I'm happy to travel, within reason, to get as much variety of experience as I possibly can over weekends or the odd week off work. Lets say down as far as somerset and as far up as Manchester.... Any tip-offs would be very much appreciated mate, cheers very much. Very kind of you
  4. Would be nice to hear the opinions of employers with regards to the worthiness of certain courses and the value they place on the qualifications. For example, shall I attend college for a year to do a NC in Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management, or is that pointless as all employers seek nothing less than a degree? Would it be more worthwhile giving up my job for a year and working as a full time volunteer on an estate to get a years experience? And then run the risk of getting lynched by other keepers for keeping wages low!! ;-)
  5. carlosmingos

    A career in gamekeeping

    Thanks for the words of wisdom guys. Sounds tough at the mo. It's a path I'd love to take but I'll heed your warnings and be sure to proceed with caution. Any particular experience that makes someone stand out? Or more a case of having the right attitude and personality? My old man's a farmer and struggles to get good farm workers. Lots of lazy bar stewards with bits of paper but don't want to do the work, as he puts it! He'd rather take on a guy with the right attitude and teach him all he needs to know like in the old days. Thats how I'd like to learn too but I guess it's different these days... God, I sound like a right old fart!!
  6. Hi everyone, just seeking a bit of advice from those of you in the know. A mate of mine does a bit of part time gamekeeping and has been looking for a full time keepers job for a year or so with little success. I'm keen to get into gamekeeping myself but he's warning me off it as he says there's a glut of young lads that've done dedicated gamekeeping courses and are then working as £50 pw apprentices for a couple of years, leaving few vacancies for guys seeking to gain further experience without a qualification behind them and still wanting to earn a living. Is this accurate countrywide? Is a qualification particularly favoured/valued by the majority of estates/shoots? Obviously it shows commitment to the craft, but I'm hoping to prove this by gaining experience with several different keepers. As a 30 yr old married man, I'd prefer not to have to stop work for a year or two to go to college, but if it's really going to help then I'm going to take the plunge. Just trying to canvass opinion. Any pointers/advice would be most welcome. Cheers