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  1. take it to the vets and get an injection to stop the litter
  2. nice one pal, when i've trained my pups i use bits of meat as a treat is it same with adult dogs?
  3. Scarface if you fancy a trip up here pal just get in touch mate, plenty of land to hunt up here where abouts are you pal?
  4. i no mate probly because the land owner won't let us lurcher folk on in s,yorkshire dont no whats up with them
  5. whys there never anyone in south yorks with these offers lol
  6. how would you say is the best way to train an older dog for recall my terrier becomes "deaf" when he's covering ground.
  7. i surpose they dont have to worry about predators over here
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25zynTTl-sU
  9. vodka & redbull is the only two drinks i'll mix.
  10. Has the clock gone back an week early on THL?

    1. paulus


      its never been changed...lol


    2. scarface
  11. theres loads in Oz appartley, dont think theres many in the UK well apart from the latch key dogs
  12. My new doctor is a young, drop dead gorgeous female. I was embarrassed but she said 'Don't worry I'm a professional, I've seen it all before, just tell me what's wrong and I'll check it for you personally'.......I said 'I think my sperm tastes funny!'

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