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  1. bank of dad is closed now to megan and if that lazy work shy messer she call a boyfriend calls me pops one more time i will pop him

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    2. albert64


      well you've a lot more patience than me

    3. RubyTex


      Calm down pops! Lol lol

    4. albert64


      black Maggie will now be known as pops...........lol

  2. can you have such mixed emotions

    1. Tiercel


      Like when you hate homosexuality yet like to give women one up the back passage?

  3. a wise man keeps a silent council something a few should keep in mind

    1. Blackbriar


      But wisdom is the art of knowing what to overlook !

  4. i know the voices in my head arent real but sometimes there ideas are bang on

  5. you just cant beat ignorance or stupidity

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