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  1. Shot and retrived hares!! 16 month old and coming on nicely!
  2. I have pups off Pepsi will see if Dimmock will put pics up!!
  3. Pepsi has being to a full saluki and there about 3 month old but he has not being to any Barney stuff !
  4. Get another one to go with her, always better working 2 together!!!!! Lol
  5. It was me who bought three pal !
  6. Not disputing anything Tomo said mushroom but everyone does have there own opinions plus experiences too. When you see something happen and get rectified on numerous occasions the same way to me the answer to the problem is smacking you in the face!!!!!!
  7. Tomo the diet will have some part but I have seen this so many times with a certain person I know, he breeds a litter of pups and keeps three each time, never exercises them just keeps them locked up and there wrists all end up going backwards. He sells one or two off at about 6 month and after being with new owners getting out plenty they soon rectify. This particular person has still not realised what's happening yet and always wonders why his is no good when older so just breeds again, I have hinted but his ways are the best APPARANTLEY!!!!!!! Stick with your 27% pal that's fine at that ag
  8. Dog does look a lot better in them pics! It still needs more exercise n free running though to get them wrists right, very backwards and at the same time them toes will come up! That's not a dig fella, it's advice! Atb with it!
  9. It's gonna have to be a magical camera to get it up on its toes and not back on its wrists!!!!
  10. Funny you say that baz I started using this in October the adult dogs started pissing on it, back to quilts!!!
  11. One fine example why half the dogs don't make it, get passed on as shite! The breeding is there with this pup n the rest is up to its trainer, but it looks like the poor f****r is not gonna get a chance!
  12. I never crab anyone's dogs but that's in poor nic and needs some exercise to get him up on his feet, he is even backwards on his wrists!!
  13. What colour was Bow n did he ever go to seagull?
  14. G Caulfield in it I think, there will be a tale or two told there about old joe I bet!
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