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  1. what's the name of the facebook page so I can keep an eye out?
  2. Ah s##t, hopefully one will pop up
  3. hey guys im looking for a wire haired terrier pup, if any one can help please get in touch
  4. royjel

    breeding a bitch

    hi all i have a lurcher bitch and she is 3 now and im wondering is it better to breed a bitch when she is young or wound it be better when she is 6 or 7.ive heard that if u breed ur bitch too young it takes the good ou of them and they never get back 2 there best.any help or past exp is welcome..cheers royjel
  5. royjel

    silver lurcher

    Hi all I had a silver broken coat lurcher a few years ago he wos a deerhound Cross and I'm jus lookin too see some of yours as I think they are beauiful so could you pop up a picture and Say the cross please..
  6. royjel

    show me what dogs you lot have got.

    my collixgrey x lurcher bitch
  7. Can ya run a bitch while she is in heat or what harm wil it cause
  8. royjel

    smallest lurcher

    Hi I'm just wonder what's the smallest lurcher ye have worked. Please say the height and throw up a picture if ya have any..cheer's
  9. royjel

    DOG VS BITCH !!!!!!!!!!

    Bitches because you can work them earlier and that's what I like
  10. royjel

    Gunnar, my new pup.

    Real good feet on him mate.he turned out nice
  11. royjel

    deerhound greyhound x bull greyhound collie

    Hmmm sound's like a good mixture dr mate as I am fond of the deerhound x's never seen that cross before doe. All the best with them
  12. royjel


    I heard farmer's can buy it in the vet's..might not be true doe
  13. royjel


    I wos out walking in the fields other day,good few rabbits about and I met this farmer who told me he had let the mixey out recently .is this true that farmer's can let it out??? I fecken hope not
  14. royjel


    Bunch a fools if ya ask me
  15. royjel

    my allrounder, lets see yours

    My collie x bitch