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  1. Anyone have any tips on getting a fussy lurcher to eat well? She loves tinned food but does really badly on it- and I hate giving her tins! She hates dried food We give her mainly RMB diet which suits her when she eats enough. Somedays she likes certain things and sometimes she doesnt. She loves offal but is it a bit rich to give her too much? I think so. She seems to prefer eating when my husband comes home We have a plentiful supply of good meat as we are butchers- just got a fussy dog! All help welcome- thanks
  2. Thank you for that and I appreciate your time replying. Looks like I will be off to the fields with my rolled up newspaper!
  3. Hi everyone, I have just acquired a gorgeous lurcher bitch at now 10 months. We are a couple who love mountain biking and walking/ running around the countryside and therfore her breed seems perfect in that she has that endless ability to run...however ...we had an incident yesterday with sheep which took us by surprise (in that we weren't expecting sheep and she was off the lead). She went into a 'deaf' chase. Awful, embarrassing and if a farmer had been there he would/ should have shot her. She did not catch anything/ draw blood etc, but it is something we absolutely need to stop in her.
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