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  1. Ali bitch bog warrior best wooly bitch in country.
  2. If Jak had ran his last hare the week before there would of been a honest result
  3. bet that dog do well over here mate. runs well on smallest land I ever seen
  4. That bog warrior some bitch. seen it have the best run I ever saw
  5. what happened to tony burns pure sonny? Best pure I've seen run. I had a pure out of khan to dream girl. not my cup of tea
  6. down here chancy means the parents can do there job the breedings there and it's upto the new owner to get the best out of the pup
  7. over the moon she's broke down. broke down a few days ago. good strong fast bitch 27tts She out Fred Holmes dan dog to a bitch called may. My pals Romeo dog going over her. should make chancy pups
  8. my new saluki Wheaton greyhound. 12 weeks. Right little terror
  9. got my first dog at 23. 2008. Wheaton greyhound x Stevie out old lucky. got ran over twice killed loads hares rabbits fox as black and white. Learnt a lot from him. never knew what I had at the time. Was a smashing dog
  10. been on some good permission on the fen and for me it's nowt special. feild dogs kill plenty on the fen. can it be said other way around.
  11. ]I had it from a pup. Worst pup ever. walked everyday fed top grub just whinned 24/7. Couldn't of asked for a better bred pup but personal circumstances went tits up just at the wrong time and I just herd bitch knocking them over.
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