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  1. You might have more luck looking for "Jill" kits rather than "Gills" as these are what fish have.
  2. As the thread says "What's the most popular time of year for breeders to have their pups?" I'm interested because I currently live in Canada and am returning to Blighty in May, when I plan to buy a Collie/Grey from Hancock. I've been checking his web site but he does not have much on there at the moment compared to earlier in the year.
  3. I was a keeper in south glos near wotton-under-edge. The estate merged with Badminton and i moved on. Check out http://www.badmintonestate.co.uk/Shoot.html The next estate over was Ozleworth Park Estate. Good luck
  4. Dry dog food biscuits float and the cray fish will swim up to get them. All you need then is a net to scoop them out. Happy hunting
  5. Thanks for your advice Terrierman Sam and I totally agree with what you said about the bonding issue. Maybe if we work my dad's dog and a new dog together then the competition might encourage my dads dog? Skycat is the author Penny Taylor right? I've read lots of her articles in CMW and i've heard lots of good things about her. Can you recommend any training books?
  6. I find all of the working lines a bit bewildering. Can you reccomend any to keep an eye out for?
  7. I did think about a pure whippet but i'm worried about them being hard to train and my lack of experience with them.
  8. I'm looking to get my first lurcher. My dad has a Beddy x Whippet who is now three. He is a tough dog, in regards to both training and prey drive. My dad has put so much work into him and he still is not exactly perfect. He only does things through sheer repetition during training and he has never shown any desire to please us. He loves hunting but it's all about him. I guess this is the Beddy in him. He has had a fair bit of lamping experience now and still he does not perform well on rabbits catching maybe 1 in 15 runs. He gets knackered after 10 runs in a night and just does not seem to
  9. Thanks all! Will experiment with all of your sugestions
  10. I bought one of those magnetic slips and it's terrible. It randomly releases my dog at the most inappropriate times. Any advice on a decent replacement would be great. Cheers Aj
  11. Last winter I ferreted a load of rabbits with a gamekeeper friend of mine in Dorset. On returning to Bath, I enquired at my local butcher (I won't name names), as to whether he would be interested in the rabbits. He replied that yes he would be interested, as long as they had not been ferreted. His reason for this very odd remark was that he believed a ferreted rabbit was terrified upon dying and therefore would be tough once cooked. Now I personally have been eating rabbit for 20 years and my father for 50 years and we both agree this to be nonsense. Let's take beef for example. We have all
  12. Hi All, Anybody with any kits for sale who are not far from Bath? I'd ideally like a couple of small jills. Cheers Aj
  13. Here's my 1st cross Beddy/Whippet. He is 18 months and taking rabbit night and day. Everytime we go out he seems to pick something new up and is keen as mustard on all types of game. His faults are that he is very possesive of his prey and that he tires quickly. I am currently working on both of these faults and am making progress slowly. This winter is going to be the making of him I think.
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