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  1. thanks mate i spoke to marco they were lurcher pups i want two pedigree pups for my daughter they were nice pups
  2. wanted two pedigree saluki bitches or puppies please leave details on pm
  3. im trying to contact a chap by the name off gallagher he did write for earth dog running dog at one time and his family owened the saluki brigon which sired the forley cup winner sniper i want to know if they still keep salukis because i am interested in buying a couple i was told he visits this site any help appreciated cheers
  4. very good reply too many roads on our small ireland no contest ive coursed em both the irish hare is like a good rabbit the english hare is far far better
  5. well said braveheart the gammy dice suvvers as they is them gojas are divs just like some of the juks they keep a traveller wouldnt keep the rubbish they have the best rabbiting men i have walked with have been travellers hey and you dont see their women in the pub nor feeding the kids out of farm foods
  6. i see i upset a few of you amateurs and thats what you are all hancock ever chucked out is rubbish and thats plain to see with the objects ive seen of the pics posted and your a bunch of fools to believe the bullshit you tell each other i see it for what it is and yes i have got a dog that will do thirty a night on the lamp and yes my dog does hares single handed and fox day or night and i got a few of them like that and i have been asked numerous times to judge lurcher shows but ive always declined because i am so dissapointed to see how poor the quality the majority of you people keep and i dont sit in the house talking about rabbit catching im out doing it any recent rabbit or fox dvds that uve watched or bought odds are its my dogs your watching ps hancock never bred a dog that could kill hare single handed in the winter so stop telling each other porkies because sometimes real lurcher men and there is a few of us left have a listen in on you dont bother answering because i wont be back : But Hancock manages it. Fook knows why Its always going to be one of lifes great mysteries, it may be boring old hat to some, but it will interest and educate others, these threads will always crop up from time to time, as long as the man continues to breed and sell puppies, and people continue to buy them it will always be a talking point, probably even long after hes dead and gone, as Plummer still gets the tongues wagging from beyond the grave
  7. in forty years of working lurchers to a high standard i have always been annoyed at the absolute shite that plummer spewed out and the damage hancock has done to lurcher breeding with the mass produced rubbish he has churned out when was the last time that bloke caught a rabbit never mind twenty let him tell me his stock his proven and i tell him hes full of crap sorry if i offend but the truth is never subtlei
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