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  1. The breeding has got that bad with some pedigree dogs folk should only buy pups off parents that are gold or silver health tested
  2. You need xray you need to know what damage has been done leg may need strapping up if it is treated right dog will come back ok when they say sprained hock they have no idea what damage has been done that is why you need xray
  3. Walk as fast as you can or push bike if you cant
  4. Not said just walking can get dog fit read my post it is part of the training as galloping is
  5. Yes walking dose improve fitness coursing greyhounds in Irland get up to 8 miles a day road work
  6. Vitamin E and Iron tonic but don't give them together give one in morning other at night or you can boil up nettles they are full of iron
  7. Can take few weeks before he gets the message
  8. Dog knows you are soft touch got to totally ignore dog don't stroke or talk to him try this for 3 weeks he will be ok
  9. Don't know but they were nothing like the KC ones that are about now
  10. Being old enough to have seen George Newcome bedlingtons they were smaller strong looking dogs don't know if anyone has kept these lines going be shame to loose the line
  11. Didn't say they had saluki in them said very much like
  12. Most could get to hares they were good all rounders
  13. You find most x are not what they say folk just guessing unless it is there own breed but what dose it matter as long as they do the job
  14. Only one decent labour mp Dan Jarvis barnsley rest sett of chancers
  15. The rough one the cross I keep banging on about the deerhound x greyhound x salki x greyhound are very much like this dog
  16. Made up name never heard of them probably never seen exmoor
  17. Like the rough coated one my type of dog
  18. Mans own breed he breeds them for protection work I thought it was strange cross till I seen them in action he is a naturel guard but very intelligent he is easy to learn things
  19. Pitbull giant shnouser Russian terrier malamute
  20. This is my lad he is very quick for big dog intelligent pray drive best I have ever had in a dog but he is not popular breed hes crossed with 4 different breeds he is 27in
  21. They will do the job said they were allrounders but lads have gone onto bull x because they think they are better for fox n deer like I said just my opinion they are the best all-round breed
  22. Years ago they were all the rage but back then lads only did rabbits n hares they were perfect for this work but new generation of lurcher men want to hunt fox deer so have gone on to bull breeds
  23. They have put a bus on from Bradford they will soon be gone
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