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  1. I had mine done in 2009 davy thinks its a bit late to be phoneing if i was talking about things [bANNED TEXT] arnt happening or if i hadnt been asked the question of a qf in the buddy it would of never been brought up like i say if lads cant ask a genuine question wots the point in having threads in the first place
  2. Why u think i have it in for ady is beond me mate im ansewring pms all the time on the rapid forum about if quickfills is a good idea most recomendations come from lads on this forum to use his services its a simple genuine post to why so many advise to use them as ive put in the pst its not just qf from a&m that go wrong if lads cant ask a genuine question and we should be of the same opinion then wots point in a forum
  3. Quickfills never go wrong. http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?570793-Rapid-peril&p=5233448#post5233448. Not a a&m one but the same parts luckily the stock broke this ones flow No i never contacted a&m again what was the point he did what he said he was going to do i was enough off senior member of both rapid forums befor using them maybe i should of listend i just cant see how so anyso called reputable airgunners can recomend some where what openly advertises drilling buddy bottle which are blown into shape not turned so are going to be weakend and these days with regulators been able to take up to 300 bar of pres sure thats going to be some missile coming off the front Atvb dave This was luxfers reply to drbob on the rapid forum This is Luxfers take on it as no matter how well it's done there is not enough metal at the base of the buddy to pass regulations. Quote " They take the cylinder outside the scope of its original design approval and as such this would make it illegal for use in the U.K." End quote. Target Tronics used to do them that was the last time Luxfer were involved after a complaint from BSA. I suggest that any firm doing it commercially gets in touch with Luxfer before they get a visit from the HSE. Nuff said !!!!
  4. With out every one jumping down my throat but im currious to why every one hassuch great reviews of adys work ile admit ive only used them once but after using the was banned from my local shooting club and no other would let me join or no gun shop would look at my gun or any reputable gun tuner go with in 40 yard of it im just currious to why so many on here recomend there work in there signatures ect ile delve more in to so u get the picture so u think im not bern biased also im not the only one its happend to if u do a search on phil (spuddys) theoben site not nick nutshots site After wanting my first rapid (a old mk1) quickfill did a search on the net looking for options for quick fill befor dr bob made his banjo or blodnob made his qf regulator any came accross ady site with the option of the quick fill for mk1 rapid in the end of the buddy bottle after speaking with ady one the phone sent off my buddy to be quick filled pleased with the turn around went to the local gun club only to be like i say banned from using there range for been so iresponcable and carrying a dangerous fire arm as they put it a ticking time bomb fealing deflated and been new to pcps took it to kirklees guns in hudersfield where they did me the favour of telling me that if i took of the buddy bottle out the shop then came back they would look in to fitting a new buddy bottle so after spending £65 think it was for them to knacker my first buddy bottle had to shell out to buy a new buddy also binning the one ady at a&m custom gunsmiths worked on after drilling a hole in it as advised by luxfer the makers of the buddy Please understand where im coming from here i no some of u no him personally but on a site which goes on about honest reviews and all that i fail to see how so many of u can recomend a gun smith with such blatent disrespect for health and saftey and still carry on doing it
  5. Epoxy resin works a treat rivets wont have a good affect also grub screws carbon threads no problem as long as your carefull with it
  6. No hes got a mfr shroud ally mods will never compare to carbon carbon has been proved to dampen the sound by far to ally silencers nutshots are so succseful to them been caliber specific so example a 177 silencer may only have no more than a 5 mm hole going through them its not only nutshots mods which are so succes full bucket boy (pete) also has had great success with them and few others off diffrent forums been down to such close engineering and good quality carbon no magic tricks ect ok nutshots have a built in air stripper in too like ive said its the second hand market which makes them so expensive there only given as gifts or for the help the heros charity auction to compare them to a silencer proofed for rimfire example is just niave ive had twinks awt hw none of them come close to a good quality carbon silencer at sub 12 theres no real diffrencel but at fac powers nutshots are in a leauge of there own tried and tested by many thats what makes them so sort after to which lads are willing to pay near on £300 for one In reallity my full carbon shroud was under £50 from nick himself so its not all about profit as it took him a few days to build too Example. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150820882201?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_500wt_922
  7. Top review of a top gun si phild sure is the man where rapids are concerned
  8. ive heard good ones too [bANNED TEXT] but last couple of years theyve been crap from the web site but like u say if u can sorce a good one they are good ones out there but the web site has given them a very bad name recently
  9. Nutshot is Quieter as Proven and Cost? Well Nick didn't make anything on My Mod barely paid for the Materials used so couldn't fault Him, Top Lad and a True Rapid Mod Genius. AWT are crap not only that the web site takes ur cash then ignores u for 2-3 month hogun or hw are a lot better priced second hand and new and more affective nutshots win hands down thats why lads wait months even years to get one cost dosnt come in to it unless on the second hand market as nick only asks for materials to build it
  10. Last chance going to gun shop to be sold £250 hes going to make a nice profit on it
  11. Isnt shooting birds at roost illegal unless feral pidgeons ?
  12. Had to take evo off now with original barrel finisher £265
  13. good job i dont have terriers no more and opt for the rapid instead this country really is fecked up
  14. u learn something every day cheers mate wots this country coming too
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