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  1. spot on pal ,show the fecker who,s boss and dont let it take the piss
  2. just to make matters worse its on every week ,a full series of making us all and are dogs look as bad as they can . and they will
  3. stop spying on me spying on you.lol

  4. stop spying on me lol

  5. may have been a cub and finished it below ground ,i personally would have finished the dig , you never know what goe,s on under ground . had this a few times with a dog i keep ,always a dead fox when ive broke through .if you dont you most sertainly will dis the dog and he might have done his job .
  6. done some work at a house were they bred miniture yorkies ,they said they had lost a few to fox,s over the years ,mainly old one,s but they still get took
  7. y lads just bought a bullgrey at around 12 mths old ,he started the same . first couple of rabbit on the lamp he just took off and started eating them .tried a few things to no avail .over a couple of weeks it was starting to become a pain until one night as soon as he took his first rabbit i put lamp straight back on to run next dog and he was back at my side forcing the rabbit at me ready for another run .so took rabbit quick and sent him again .he,s still not 100% but we getting somewere with him now ,he normaly comes straight back but he do,s go back to his old ways now and again .all dogs are different and you got to pick up on the little things they do and it will all come together in the end .as long as you take them out lol
  8. Glad your back mate lol I'll bell ya tonight

  9. hey jockey ,back on line

  10. oh and dotty you are supposed to turn the lamp off now and again
  11. an as far as the lithium batterys go ffs, dont get me started, all that money an for what, a seriously shoddy bit of workmanship, maybe i lamp more than a lot, but the plug where the lamp connects to battery is nowt less than shite like the battery alot but your bang on about the plug ,thing is with deben they make the product and just put it on the market with out being field tested proerly .i have to tape my plug onto my battery or its forever pulling loose ,the filters are noisy and impossible to remove and replace with out make tons of noise and clearing a field in seconds (ive cut all legs of mine and sanded down inside the rim )just to make it more qiuete and easier to remove and replace .so thats best part of £250 and you still have to mess about with it .the mk 2 and 3 locators were put on the market with out being tested proerly and there was a lot of disapointed people .although i have a striker and have had no problems with the wireing i do think its the best lamp ive used apart from the blitz and am well happy with it, but a few pounds spent on field research could have made these lamps a lot better and for the money we are spending i think were owed that oh and i rang them asking if they would sell me a variable switch for my striker ,they said no but send it back and they,ll fit it for 50 -60 pounds wankers
  12. honestey goe,s a long way ,i have a 6-7 year old bitch here that has done her fair share of digs over the years and has put in some good hrs.but last year she walked and had not taken much at all ,the bitch was tried again a few weeks later and was dug to a dead fox which she had a good throat hold ,i left her all summer with just walks for exercise and tried her again this season ,she was keen at first but walked again after 10 mins in a very easy spot with taking no stick at all. the dig was finished to a young dog .i think once theyve binned it its a long way back if they come back at all . only you know how hard youve worked the dog and the standard it has worked but if you pass it on to be bred off you could find yourself in years to come buying a dog from those lines by some chance or another ,how would you feel then ? the bitch i have here will stay with me for now as she has been a good un and i put it down to more the health issue side of things as she has suffered a bit with dermo mange from about 4 years on and it has got worse from year to year since .its your choice at the end of the day but think of the breeding side of it rather than the money
  13. have back filled many over the years for people who have just left them open ,only to go back next time to find they have dug it again and not back filled again
  14. he's a wrinkly old man lol

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