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  1. Northern Ireland Country Sports Fair, Scarvagh House, Scarva, Banbridge, Co Down BT63 6NL. Looking Forward to This game Fair always a good atmosphere ,
  2. bowersey

    Mark1 Loator Repairs

    Hi Guys does anyone no who does repairs to MK1 locator thanks
  3. Thank you for your kind words Margaret .If you do not have the name of the young lad that won the terrier showing post thephoto of him with the kids presrnting hin with the perpetual shield some of these guys will know him Thamks Sammy
  4. bowersey

    New Addition

    Nice healthy strong looking pup ATB
  5. bowersey

    Advice Introducing New Puppy To Pack

    Thanks for the replies folks We have made some progress .The first mistake I WAS MAKING WAS TRYING TO HUMOR THE OLDER DOGS I THINK I WAS BEING SUBMISIVE TO THEM ,i changed this letting them go out the back IF THEY WANTED TO HUFF OUT THERE I won't let them until they winned to get in the same when going ffor a walk never called them if they cme to my feet to get their eads on then they could come .I sat beside the cage with the pup in it and ingorned everyone including the pup after a while one of the whippets broke rank ond came over followed by lurcher The nexk day I played a bit with the pupThe lurcher could not stick it and joined in and played with me and eventully start to play with the puppy So we only have oldest whippet to bring round hopeffy by the time the jabs are over we all be good THANKS FOR THE ENCORMENT LADS
  6. After the loss of my spaniel had to be PTS due kidney failure . i thought I would try a wee terrier for bushing So I bought one brought the 6 week old pup on the 24/12/2014 and introduced it to my Irish terrier/ Whippet/ greyhound cross and two whippets all three bitches have snubed the pup big style with a bit of showing the theeth and huffing in their cages they are all in the house in the evening out all day in the back yard do I try to ignore this behaveour ? Do I try to bribe the 3 adult dogs ? Do i come down heavy with the snarling and theeth showing? with having them in the house I can't tollerate this behaveour . Do i simplly keep the big dog outside this lurcher seems tbe the pack leader since the old spaniel went . The lurcher is coming three she played for a few minutes today then her mood turn back to nasty again I close this regularly in the boot with strange dogs and not a word out her Greteful for any advice folks
  7. I normally let them have the first season in the hutch but in times of need I have had them working around 7-8months but in this case always introduced them with an older working ferret
  8. bowersey

    At Long Last New Ground

    Enjot somewhere to hunt and excise the dogs .Happy hunting
  9. bowersey

    Whippet At Work

    Nice looking whippet love to see them with the ears up and on their toes when the ferret is below ground I have a six year old whippet still have trouble getting the rabbit of her Then when your back is turned she steals the rabbit back All part of the craick all the best with your wee dog.
  10. bowersey

    Thank You To Billy Harper

    The girls at Forest lodge are already looking for and forward the date of Shanes 2014 LOL
  11. Six Greyhound Hobs ready to start working free to good home -homes Belfast area
  12. bowersey

    Thank You To Billy Harper

    Thanks for the replies and the number folks perhaps see you at the Christmas show if dessie puts one up this year
  13. Billy Harper done us a great favour of taking some picture of the special needs children at Shanes Castle He even went to the trouble of framing them One of these Pictures is hanging in the entrance all at Forest lodge. Billy is not on the computor at the moment so if anyone is speaking to him can they pass on a thank from Forest Lodge and myself Or prehaps someone would be good enough to PM me his Telephone number as I would like to speak to him
  14. bowersey

    The History Of The Whippet

    Graham would not recomend me being your brief as I set out to prove to the warden the whippet was NOT Guilty and Not included in the muzzel law All the evidence I found proved the whippet guilty In short If I was repesenting you bring your shaving kit to the court. kiss whippets and pet the wife good bye LOL