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  1. Beano1456

    Shooting Buddy

    Just sent you a pm buddy
  2. Beano1456

    Hw97Kt Staineless .22

    Where abouts are you pal. Have a hatsan at 44 10
  3. Beano1456

    Cz Brno 22 Semi

    Do you still have this ?
  4. Beano1456

    A Quick Session

    Haha thanks mate
  5. Beano1456

    A Quick Session

    Went up my local perm the other night for a quick walk about before dark and decided to take some photos had 9 in total. Had my best shot so far at 49 paces (I'm 6'4") fell straight down. Well happy. going to pcp has made all the difference for me especially in .177. Cheers all
  6. Beano1456

    Daihatsu Fourtrak

    Okay, bit too far away from me. Cheers
  7. Beano1456

    Daihatsu Fourtrak

    Where about are you ?
  8. Beano1456

    Bass Lures And Spinning

    Fiish black minow is a good lure. Rubber sand eels live sand eel. Poppers in the summer. I fish about 50 yards offshore still a bit early in the season for any bigguns though! Any decent lure will do they're sight predators so fish light I use 8 lb maxima with a light spinning rod ☺
  9. Beano1456

    Looking To Start Diy Rough Shoot - Swansea Area

    Interested if this is still going????
  10. Beano1456

    Webley Tri-Pump

    Would you do 90 posted?
  11. Beano1456

    Led Torch 250/300 Mter Red Beam

    Hi pete down plymouth again will be going through Taunton Sunday afternoon if that's a good time for you. will I be able to pick up a green one and possibly a red for a friend will pm you my number again just in case you don't have it . Cheers
  12. Beano1456

    Led Torch 250/300 Mter Red Beam

    Picked one of these up the other day and do exactly what you need with a small area of light (15-20ft) cirle at 200 yards no scaring of everything in the area brilliant bits of kit no more carrying around heavy lamps and batteries well worth the 40 quid and will definitely be taking another one when you get the greens in stock. Ben
  13. Beano1456

    Led Torch 500 Meter Beam

    I'll take on for 40 quid and I'll be driving through Taunton later if I can pick up
  14. Beano1456

    Little Bit Of Boat Restoration

    Oh and it's going to be put to sea. pity your so far away id have sorted you with tp and af. where abouts are you situated, heading up to Scarborough in two weeks for man week (fishing, shooting and drinking) away from the missus.