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  1. Cracking Little kid .what a brave brave Little boy heart Breaking news .taughts with his family .
  2. they are unreal terriers cracking strong dog's very few wheatens lik that now but sure are a few
  3. fantastic the mighty pool.done Istanbul again lol yessss
  4. leave u with this custy ha ha goodnight sweet dreams and im afraid u will see ty goin same way.the gypsy king and the prince ha
  5. i lik tyson as much as any but no way he beats aj no way haye more of a chance fast and poweful ty wont bt aj
  6. Shame he never finished Martin of then isn't it he wasn't hurt slightly he was dazed bad tats why missed counted he said it himself [BANNED TEXT] he was put dwn with first he felt aj power 2nd time he had enuf he didn't want 3rd call a spade a spade he won ref counted loud and clear martin said himself no fault of ref
  7. aj savage savage power if clips anyone its over like see him against parker now then haye if wins
  8. i tink martin goin to stop the hype .Eddie's golden boy shall fall
  9. no not for me have done it 3 somes two blokes and a girl and two girls me but it was just fun [BANNED TEXT] in party days. settled now 3 kids very happy could not watch my woman bang others or would have no interest ever tink of it ok to experiment [BANNED TEXT] young free single not [BANNED TEXT] married n settled never works out jealous comes into it at some point
  10. 6'3 looks massive in there cud make cruiser light heavy easy serious power and speed
  11. Fenian means to many a catholic IRA member,a cowardly individual that a good chicken supper would not go untouched,nah that was Bobby Sands.Of course it does but it's a shame a little bigotry has overtaken a little bit of self education. The ira and the dissident republicans used and use violence on the back of what happened 100 years ago. Look at history and count the amount of protestants were part of the Republican movement, you won't have enough fingers and toes. he bit of chip on his shoulder cause he missed all the action when he was doing security at the airport lol I did
  12. f****n moron just stick to boxing less of act the c**t
  13. fantastic talent world champ hands down de gale jack groves Abraham i tink he beats the lot imo
  14. cant stand the f**k at all useless
  15. its just sick i get a feeling over me just tink of tat poor dog
  16. what a wank those questions were ridiculous. both eubanks came across very well imo
  17. 10 sec turn off just horrible that poor dog id love to throw them down the stairs sick scum
  18. i remember carl Thompson put him to sleep at cruiser .this topic is about nick blackwell so back.to.what is important i hope he come round soon and makes a full.recovery really do hope turns out good savage heart the chap
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