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  1. He is getting big on the Plummer Terrier scene

  2. Tarmac is the world biggest homo lord!

  3. Heard about you taking that ugly bird 'sarah' in the wheel chair, back to your place on saturday night,you dirty dog,

    I know your desperate but thats what i call taking advantage darcy... I hope you wheeled her home or got her a taxi back atleast!

  4. Recently the world biggest nose was recorded, measuring 3.46 inches -this is officially the world's longest hooter entered...

    But I believe, had you entered, you would have won, hands down Darcy...

    Your time has come to be a champion, go forward, and grab the title chief!!

  5. Tarmac

    stolen terrier

    £500 reward on offer for safe return of the dog....
  6. He loves the feel of a black dude up his bottom!

  7. chocolate dog mad. Breeds for cash and shows only.

  8. He has a massive fecking conk!!..........official!

  9. Have i ever told you about the big freeze of '63?

  10. You da bigger man Tarmac my main nigga!!!

  11. It was measured, and yes. Sadly leonardo is the winner in the big nose competition!

  12. your quite wrong there ugly, it was a fix, and the chief measurer was bribed with a kebab to confirm they were, all wrong, mine is a hell of allot smaller.

    chocolate dogs chocolate dogs!

  13. His nose is bigger than Darcys......OFFICIAL!!