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  1. Thank you I do have a picture of the sire but he's not mine so wouldn't share without the man's permission.
  2. Thanks Yeah, I kept a dog pup back for myself. Hoping he will continue in the footsteps of his mother.
  3. My old lass. She's getting on now and has been a real hard working and reliable sort. A pleasure to own. I've just had a litter out of her before it was too late and hopefully her son will graft as much as she has. The ad for the last three pups is in the classifieds if anyone is looking for a decent pup.
  4. View Advert Lurcher pups. Three bitch pups left from litter of seven. Out of well bred, hard working and seasoned parents. Sire- Wheaten Bull Greyhound. Dam- Collie Bull Greyhound (in photos). Will make roughly 25-27 inches. Ready to go now. Located in Northern Ireland. £200 Advertiser Digga123 Date 13/06/20 Price £200.00 Category Working Lurchers  
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    Three bitch pups left from litter of seven. Out of well bred, hard working and seasoned parents. Sire- Wheaten Bull Greyhound. Dam- Collie Bull Greyhound (in photos). Will make roughly 25-27 inches. Ready to go now. Located in Northern Ireland. £200


  6. Hit or miss with rifle... That's laughable. My whole point was, that is not the case with modern technology available. Even with only a lamp and a retard behind the trigger, you've another few rounds in the magazine and a couple of hundred meters to follow up. That chap that took 501 evidenced every single fox so gave no reason not to believe it. I wouldn't have posted it otherwise. Sitting round cover with shotguns on every viable exit is as bad as rifling them in my opinion. There's a 50/50 chance with a lurcher and if the terriers are as shite as your saying, sure the fox will never be dug. Opinions are like arse holes, we've all got one. The topic was not about what is right and wrong, it was about the declining fox population and I have obviously hit a nerve with the rifle folk by bringing a reason to the decline. Now run along and polish your gun.
  7. I'd love to meet the cover man and his dog that took 501 foxes in a year like the individual and his rifle I posted before. You are saying the rifle men are only trying to stay legal. Running foxes with a lurcher is legal in Ireland, shooting less than 60 feet from the centre of a public highway is not. Neither is it legal to discharge a firearm on ground you do not have permission to do so. A big number of rifle men are operating on the wrong side of the law so don't try and preach that.
  8. This is just the tip of the iceberg lads. There are few on that site that took under 100 last year. Here's one from the UK to give an idea of what I'm on about. They're keeping skulls and having them measured for medals... just to add to the boasting rights.
  9. Saying there will be breeding stock where these lads can't reach is foolish. There is nowhere they can't reach now. They drive for hours in country they know nobody, never have to put a lamp on and shoot anything they see. All thermal spotters and night vision scopes. If there's anywhere they can't see into, they turn on their call boxes that have every call possible from squealing rabbit to vixen in heat. The latest trend is to set up feeding stations and just sit and wait for the foxes to roll in for an handy dinner. With prey numbers down it's an easy gig. There's a few who have genuine reason for vermin control, or to protect a particular species which I completely understand and support, but the majority are now out dropping stuff to boast on social media pages. Foxing with lamp and rifle took some skill and if you missed you rarely got another chance. There's now videos of lads using nv and thermal with foxes being shot at 6 times before a round hits home and the fox hasn't a notion. Foxing with a rifle has been the fastest growing feildsport for the last three years... No population can sustain what the fox is facing.
  10. That's just one Irish lads post from either side of Christmas.
  11. There's a seriously noticeable decline in the numbers over the last few years up North since the rifle technology has hit the market at working man's prices. Lads on a lamping foxes FB page at Christmas crying about only getting a couple for the month of December when he had 30 last year and 80 the year before. The same lad that posted pictures of milky vixens and cubs shot at the mouth of the den. What hope is there? Another lad on from down Dublin way that shot over 100 in December alone! Where's the sport in plugging an animal from 200 yrds away that hasn't a notion you're there because of the 3 grand you spent on a thermal scope? I'm all for necessary control but it's so far beyond that now, it's decimation for no good reason. I personally think social media is to blame and it's become a numbers game and d*ck measuring competition. Without an outlet to tell the world, 80% of them wouldn't be doing it.
  12. The chaps on here, take it up with him and quit spouting the same rhetoric over and over. Username 1of1. He just posted one of his dogs registered on the website in show us your paterdales topic. It wasn't difficult to make the connection! Dogs going for stupid money with all sorts of ridiculous pedigrees attached is not limited to Paterdales or working terriers. If there's stupid buyers with more money than sense, you'll find sellers willing to take it off their hands. A suggestion would be to build a bridge and get over it, worry about what's in your kennel and not what others are doing.
  13. I have one here you can have. Drop me a PM with where to post it to.
  14. Have a search of Car Cane Mobility Aid on Google. There's a few types between Argos and EBay. Handy contraption to give another handle to getting on and out.
  15. As the saying goes... better looking at it than looking for it. A hacksaw would soon sort your length issue. It was the shape that makes them ideal for the job, better hold in any ground than a round peg. Cheers.
  16. Just a heads up in case anyone's looking for some for the season ahead. Found some decent pegs for fox/rabbit purse nets on eBay. Some smart arse will no doubt say that a hazel or timber peg is cheaper but these are super lightweight and won't rot or rust. Reasonable money too for what you get. Link here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362016705482
  17. The website is up and running. Either Google Sharptooth Fork or hit the link below. http://sharptoothfork.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product_page
  18. Don't shoot the messenger lads. The man has had a Patent on these since the first one was made and it is water tight. You're obviously ill educated if you think it costs a fortune to Patent a product so simple in design! If any man/woman can make these forks to the same standard for any less than they are sold for, could they please contact me, the man behind the product says he will have an order of a thousand of them as soon as they test as good as the ones he currently produces.
  19. The site is by the original fella. The design of the Sharptooth is patent protected so any copies sold will elsewhere be dealt with by legal action.
  20. A wise man. The Sharptooth is a patent protected design.
  21. Sharptooth digging forks will be available to buy via their new website which is launching soon. Keep an eye out for it and get your order in for the up coming season!
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