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  1. My little mate bred it out of his old bitch, he kept it back because he liked it best out litter, not sure what dogs heโ€™s bitch came from but he has told me loads times one of its littermates was meant to be a tidy Dog, won a couple comps, this is it, be good to see how this one goes atb A-t
  2. Yeah thatโ€™s ideal MC looking forward to it, PM me your number and Iโ€™ll give you a bell to sort it out, atb A-t
  3. Yeah it brings some heat like wanted in 12 counties be good to see it run against some these super dogs like MC hulls, atb A-t
  4. Offers there see if heโ€™s dogs are as good as he says Don, atb A-t
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