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  1. Yeah I know what your saying tank, but still glad to see some lads with a few bob in their pocket me, I wouldn’t hold it against them, I’ve been gifted dogs and I’ve payed for dogs, think most I’ve gave was 250 and that was twenty years ago, lads I know spend 100 + a night just on diesel to get out lamping in pickups etc And their out few nights a week, so couple hundred quid on a dog is nothing when they spend hundreds a week on fuel to go out 200 these days is not a lot of money really, atb At
  2. I do like the fact there’s a few lads never had a pot to piss in made themselves 10-15000 off litters of rattters this year though Made up for them to be honest
  3. Belong to my mate, great for knocking bits up, has them spot on
  4. Think they’ve found someone’s stash in the bushes
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