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  1. All-terrain

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    The three terriers are all the same, just a line my mate has kept for as long as I can remember, luey the light coloured a dog, the others are bitches, Great to run with the bigger bushing dogs, they can and will find anywhere, great in bales bushes, buildings,anywhere, very clever dogs he has them spot on, uses them for alsorts shooting etc, can be a nuisance tryin to get them from under containers etc when they catch something but other than that they are spot on, works them with his ferrets aswell, atb At
  2. All-terrain

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  3. All-terrain

    The Places Ye Get To See

    A place we used to visit a lot, some great memories on there, atb At
  4. All-terrain

    Long dogs vs lurchers

    I’ll send big Roman over on holiday he will do ye, atb At
  5. All-terrain

    Long dogs vs lurchers

    I’d just get a cheetah instead, At
  6. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Deffo come from a wealthy house the pot gnipper, good indication there’s more stuff to be found there at
  7. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    It’s an old caviar pot, atb At
  8. Let’s see your ones mate, At
  9. All-terrain

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    Some lads been have been jailed today for something similar, just been reading it earlier At
  10. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Ah well, as long as someone does, At
  11. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Ye Mars minge didn’t mind then stuck up her, At
  12. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    I’ve loads buttons, find them with my metal detector aswell, and yes mate it is interesting the stuff ye can find buried atb At