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  1. was a funny road trip that weren’t it remember the drive to the top of Applecross? The van was near lifted off its suspension by the wind what a place though mate will have to do it again some time atb A-t
  2. The view from applecross is worth the drive up,atb A-t
  3. I’ve seen salmon, trout, big perch, big pike ,carp, catfish, chub, Barbel, and Eels come out and I’ve seen a few out them being eaten, we bump into some survival lad now and again who takes people out along there, they eat a lot of what they catch, there’s a pub where we get out that sells a nice pint and a nice bit of food so I always save myself,haha was just chilling today taking the kids out for the day atb A-t
  4. f**k off ye clown, I’ve said my bit.
  5. Bad dickhead you Wilf there’s lads on here with black family,kids wives etc, banter is banter but your just a horrible piece of shit
  6. Haha, yeah there’s nothing to them weight wise, , atb A-t
  7. Jackahuaua, I have hunted with a few of them over the years, a few mates have them or had, some are used with hawks to flush rabbits etc which is what they was bred for originally, some are used for ratching about, ratting rabbiting and bolting fox to guns, I don’t know the weight, the smallest ones I’ve seen like the one on the right are tiny, but they will put some terriers to shame they are busy little things, atb A-t
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