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  1. All-terrain

    View From Your Swim

  2. All-terrain

    Various Jack Russell's

    Old pic of patch, atb At
  3. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Old stuff atb At
  4. All-terrain

    View From Your Swim

    That’s the gaffers swim mate, my mate owns the lake so has a swim permanently set up for himself or teaching the youngsters, it has a little fire pit etc, my youngest uses that swim she fishes more than me,haha But I do have a piece of artificial grass in my fishing kit atb At
  5. All-terrain

    View From Your Swim

  6. All-terrain

    The Places Ye Get To See

  7. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Nice that mate just keep the beans out of it,I found this old Liverpool chemist bottle couple days ago, atb At
  8. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Yeah you have, with ye daft shouts, f****n beans,who gives a f**k about beans ? unless there in a f****n Edwardian or Victorian bottle then I don’t give a shit,I started the thread to see what people have found whilst out and about with their dogs, it’s not a bean thread, don’t want it turned into a hasbean thread either, like all the other ones ruined by chatting bean shit, so do us a favour and start ye own thread about beans, leave mine out of it At
  9. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Ye not even funny mate f****n boring bean shout again, I’d hate to be your dog listening to that shit,At
  10. All-terrain

    Old bottles etc

    Few bits I dug up this morning, loads pipes, atb At
  11. All-terrain

    Old Photo's

    I walked around he’s old kennels today it was sad mate, he’s lived a life of a huntsman though, and got to hunt some of the best countryside there is, a life devoted to hounds and he followed he’s passion over fifty years, just sad like you say when it all comes to an end, atb At
  12. All-terrain

    Old Photo's

    I wish I could show you it mate especially he’s old albums sadly he’s getting on a bit now and had to give he’s hounds up through Ill health, and age, I can see it in he’s eyes what it’s done to him if any serious book collectors on here are interested in he’s books he’s seliing the lot! like I say Ill health and age has caught up with him, I feel bad even asking but he did say to me see can I sell he’s books etc as he’s moving soon.selling he’s land where hounds was kept and gonna find somewhere comfy, atb At
  13. All-terrain

    Old Photo's

    He’s on some them pics mate he’s getting on a bit now, should see he’s albums mate some serious photos, I love his stick collection he’s an otter stick with over 150 studs he’s put in it himself so he’s done a fair bit, atb At
  14. All-terrain

    Old Photo's

    That’s just a few atb At