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  1. Just on the River Mersey Don try for a Bass, good luck mate
  2. Yeah went for a walk along the canal, the waters draining watching them catching some fish, heard they was opening gate and filling it with salt water next high tide, A-t
  3. Might of been, was there an association of lurcher clubs comp? I’m thinking it was the forley cup but something saying association of lurcher clubs, I can remember watching the collie cross and it retrieved it’s catches I’m picturing it like a beardy cross, would like to see the video mentioned see if it’s same dog, can’t be that many collie cross won a comp can there, im sure it was single handed though atb A-t
  4. Was it the forley cup the collie cross won ? I Always thought I’d imagined that, I seen that, I was there that day, A-t
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