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  1. My pup D, finished for the season now, had a few cracking digs with him, little natural he is, atb At
  2. Few ye don’t want to mess with, At
  3. must be some boy you Wilf, walking into a permanent traveller site asking to buy it, then next when one goes mad at the cheek of it you offer to fight him
  4. Sad that mate, thanks for reply, atb At
  5. I think it’s just going to be a time thing mate, I’ll get my head around it given time, I’m not gonna lie though it has affected me in so many ways, but it’s not about me, it was about my mate and how he must of been feeling and showing no signs at all, that’s what keeps getting to me, I suppose they all have their own individual reasons why they do it, that’s why it’s hard to spot someone feeling like that, I don’t know mate, like I say I just wish he’d said something or given some sort of clue so i could of helped, long walks with the dogs and days out with close mates and family Is my therapy, some days I’ll talk, others I’ll just walk try keep busy, I have never shed so many tears over anything or anyone though as much as I have over this, like I say though times usually the healer, At
  6. Recently lost a mate to suicide, he was with me all day the day before and never showed no signs that he was suicidal, I’ll be honest I’ve not been the same since and i don’t think I ever will be again, I keep thinking I should of noticed but I honestly had no idea he was feeling so low, nobody knows what’s going on in people’s minds, he was a strong lad but obviously something had got to him, I still can’t believe he’s gone, it’s like I’ve been living in a nightmare since it happened, i wish I’d known how low he was feeling I’d of stayed with him, I cry every other day thinking about it, and have sort of distanced myself from everyone, i was one the first on the scene, he’d shot himself in the head, i then had to tell he’s brother one of my best mates, I’ve not spoken to anybody about it, I’ve been there for his family and tried staying strong for them and it’s been hard, reading this thread it’s the first time I’ve spoke about it, suicide is a horrible thing, just wish he’d told us how he was feeling, feel like writing a bit more but can’t so gonna leave it there, At
  7. Powerful beasts some them Red, At
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