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  1. All-terrain


    Peggy, atb At
  2. All-terrain

    Best dogs and age

    I think she was Harrier x collie Chris, atb At
  3. All-terrain

    Best dogs and age

    Old Red, my mates dog he worked her over 14 yrs, had some cracking days with her over the years atb At
  4. All-terrain

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Pic of a good dog I had years back called Bill,3/4 grey 1/4 wheaten, atb At
  5. All-terrain

    Bone men Lancashire

    Yes Leyland sorry , Lancashire isn’t it, used to go see a man there called Paul , dog physio, atb At
  6. All-terrain


    glad to see ye ok mate , I’ll send the Bill end of the month be depressed again then Shabba’s hunting therapy sessions 50 quid a pop yeah you had it bad at one time didn’t ye mate, glad to see you back to yeself, serious shit depression nothing to joke about, I’ve a mate who suffers from something called SAD, he gets in a real bad way winter time I’m opposite to him I’m made up when it’s winter, think I’ve got mad I’ll always take the time to go see my mates who are down or ones who are diagnosed with mental issues, it’s too easy to just walk away and pity them or whatever, hurts seeing them like that but if ye don’t try help not many others will be, atb At
  7. All-terrain


    If you know anyone who suffers from depression go pay them a visit, make sure their ok,give them bit of support, too many turn their backs on friends and family who suffer from it, I’ve a couple mates who have it and I half understand it ,my mum had few breakdowns when we were growing up, never understood it back then but now I’ve a fair idea what it’s about so anything I can do to help a mate or a family member I’m there 100 pcnt, coming up to Christmas is a bad time for it so like I say if ye know anyone who suffers from it or might be go pay them a visit or two,get them out fir a mooch with the dogs or a bit of fishing or something that’s what I do, atb At
  8. All-terrain

    Bone men Lancashire

    Paul in leylamd is best for bones etc i haven’t been to see him for couple years myself, I’ll get he’s number today and send you it by pm , atb At
  9. All-terrain

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Couple pups, atb At
  10. All-terrain

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Few more of the firm, atb At
  11. All-terrain

    Various Jack Russell's

    Old pic, atb At
  12. All-terrain

    Before locators

    Probably how the old timers found their terriers RH, if they had any sense anyway better than a lug hole full of mud dogs can be useful in lots of ways,ye learn that If your out enough mate , atb At
  13. All-terrain

    Before locators

    This dog is always spot on, 5 ft that one, still nice to have a box to check, atb At
  14. All-terrain

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Pair of Bushing terriers, the places these and he’s other couple get stuff you would have to see to believe Get ye in trouble these type have some brilliant walks out with him and my lurcher, atb At
  15. All-terrain

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs