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  1. Only took one other pic , their not mine they belong to a mate I was out with over Christmas, not my thing but he is doing well with them atb At
  2. If someone could stick this video up might give some a laugh haha atb At
  3. yeah mate memories that can’t be taken, looking back and knowing what I know now we was lucky really, we used to know most the Everton players they’d always end up at eddies pissed and spent loads of time at the ground waiting for Eddy to come out the pub, haha Alan is godfather to my two cousins ones named after him, Alan ball cavanagh and Eddie Francis cavanagh,EFC great times mate and like you say great memories atb At
  4. Alan ball was best mates with my uncle Eddie, he used to stay at my aunty pats when I was a kid, 70’s early 80’s, took us the Everton games, Great memories, mad to think he’s one of few English men to lift the world cup, atb At
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