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  1. My Mate dug this up I think it’s a whale tooth, Some size to it, atb A-t
  2. Few from yesterday with ferrets and hawks, on permission in Yorkshire, A-t
  3. Be the accent that,haha atb A-t
  4. I don’t even know Trev mate,or where he’s from or where he goes, he put pics up of some rabbits , the other lad says he’d like a bag like that so I told him where he should go, next thing trevs saying he’s not posting anymore,he don’t go there but it’s not right on the lads that do, going on about keepers and birds, don’t know what that bits about ,it’s a great place to go rabbiting, some farmers will let you on, then there’s places once your up there noone even knows your there it’s that vast, he must go around them ways by looks if it and wants them all to himself, bit strange the way he
  5. Probably on about another time reading it properly,A-t
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