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  1. ajm1979

    last bag and hour on the stubble

    Another pw here
  2. Ive got a cz452 and a sako quad, Sako feels better and has a better trigger but the cz is faultless aswell
  3. Ive Got a CZ in .22lr and a quad in .17hmr, overall the feel and quality of the quad is far better than the cz, plus in the future you can change the barrels if required for a different calibre
  4. ajm1979

    Rolex watch

    can you provide more details and pics?
  5. ajm1979

    my lads first fox

    nice one Tom, I'm gonna have to have one done when I get my first fox
  6. Starting mods on Fourtrak this week, Bullbars,New Spotlights, Roof mounted Lightforce lamp
  7. ajm1979

    Sights help

    Hi mate, probably want to give a bit more info on type of gun air rifle/rimfire/cf/pellet or bullet size etc and you might get a bit more help on range and distance for zero
  8. ajm1979

    Dont hurt to ask!

    Nice on mate, enjoy your new permission
  9. Ditto, Ive got a Fourtrak
  10. ajm1979

    Ruger m77 22-250

    Thanks lads, going to ask the owner who shoots with a 22-250 to put a few rounds through it and see what the groups are like, if they are ok will be snapping his hand off.
  11. Hi all after some advice. Visited my gun shop today which is normally a weekly occurance since my FAC came through. Been looking for a Tikka t3 in .223 for foxes however I think they may be a bit out my price range right at the minute. Jimmy today pointed me to a Ruger m77 in 22-250 with harris bipod,sling and bushnell scope, he is going to screw cut it and fit a tidy second hand over barrel mod to it for £300?? Yes I know its an oldish gun however all I want for now is something to drop the odd fox and show bullet useage to my feo to try and speed up my ticket being open.Is it a bargain at this price for a full fox set up or should I avoid and save the money? any advice welcome
  12. ajm1979

    Lovely Phonecall

    Just back from meeting the farmer on this new permission. Turns out to be approx 300 acres, good for rabbits, pigeons fox and crows potentially, just before I leave he tells me he has some fields down by the river which are great for duck shooting come winter and he has three of his own ponds that he is quite happy to feed up with barley all winter for me to have the duck shooting on ...I'm one happy fella
  13. ajm1979

    4wd Fault on Navara

    spoke far too soon, lights flashing away again today looks like the dreaded switches will have to be changed
  14. Surely there must be someone around my area could do with a hand lamping,I could do with a hand on my own permissions so would be of mutual interest
  15. ajm1979

    Lovely Phonecall

    If your ever over my way mate give me a shout your more than welcome to help me out clearing bunnies, I'm just learning myself so will take all the experience and knowledge I can get