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  1. Hi lad do u still have pups 4 sale if so how much and were ya at b intrsed in both of them or pm me ya number thanks danny
  2. hi mate had a dog a couple of years back a very good young dog he eat a rat one day when out on a mates farm that night got realy ill next day took him2 vets nothing thay could do it was the poison the ray eat that killed him dont risk it pal
  3. no pal lost phone that had his numbber in just thort on the of chance some one mite no him on her her no the dogs
  4. does eny one now were this dogs are as i sold them and wood like to now how thay got on jack is a choclate dog broken coated raggs is a smooth coat bitch bit on the big side and ozzy is a black and tan lakey x thanks if ya now this lad can ask him 2 get intuch thanks yamboy
  5. good look getting your dog back mate cant trust no one this days
  6. yamboy


    nice looking bird there jo
  7. mark3 locater 1 coller and a black gould line bitch working she 4 year old pm me if intrested thanks yamboy
  8. sorry 2 her that mate i will keep a look out 4 him am in northamptonshire
  9. is there bull in this dog yes there is bull in that dog y can c it nice dog tho
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