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  1. Pigs

    Bull X Wheaton Xgreyhound

    old bitches name wouldn't be uma? Would it grunter123?
  2. Pigs

    Lets See Your Working Russells

    Good on ya mate great to see a pic of them and know there coming on.litter brother just done a season wi local hunt and done well
  3. Pigs

    Lets See Your Working Russells

    Tidy sesku. Is pip from the tilly / spartan mating?
  4. Pigs

    Terrier Inbreeding

    it will take decades smasher.I've used dogs and bitches from only 3 professional terrier men over 15 years and the one bitch wasn't bread till she was 6yrs old and fully proven over 5 season's,I put a dog over her and kept a Bitch,used the same dog over another good bitch and kept a dog so in years to come if all stays right I'll mate half brother to half sister.dogs just done a full season with the local hunt and all is good so far.many of the surplus pups have gone on to do well with the lads who had them so I hope I've got it right.I'm still not interested in calling it my line just want to see dogs produced that graft well.
  5. Pigs

    For Sale Terrierbox

    Lowest price ill do is £200 cheers
  6. Pigs

    For Sale Terrierbox

    Evesham mate will do for 250
  7. Pigs

    For Sale Terrierbox

    Its brand fire new so I want what I paid for em but I don't mind knocking a few quid off for travel.only reason for sale is I no longer have 4 dogs to keep in work
  8. Pigs

    For Sale Terrierbox

    I paid £300 for em and can send photo
  9. Pigs

    For Sale Terrierbox

  10. Quad terrier box for sale checkerplate and powder coating 110x450x450 cm call 07885378364 sloped front and to carry 4dogs,fits through most hunting gates. Picture to big to upload cheers
  11. Pigs

    Terrier Wanted ?

    you ya joker,I just had a scence of humour failure with that one. Sad thing is folks do carry on like that.
  12. Pigs

    Terrier Wanted ?

    you a.k.a the joker. I know people carry on like that but I momentarily had a scence of humour failure with that one.
  13. Pigs

    Terrier Wanted ?

    lol.what a twat.