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  1. That red pup is cracking! If I was in the position to get another dog I wouldn't think twice about messaging you. Good luck with selling them fella.
  2. Cheers bro! Mum was about 25tts and I'm not sure how tall scouser is mate! You'll have to come and see her!! She should make a nice size then fella. Just leave some long ears for me! haha. Yeah i'll come see her soon mate
  3. Nice pup Lew! How tall were the sire and dam?
  4. Stick with the dog you got Lew, she hasn't had a proper season yet. I know you were on about her being lonely in the kennel but so long as you're taking her out lots she'll be ok.
  5. Sorry to hear about the dog mate. Murph was forever at the vets getting sewed up in his first season so don't worry too much. Just keep it clean when the vet wrap comes off and it should heal in no time. MIght give you a ring tomorrow pal
  6. You got permission to be down the pump house ashley? Dogs look well mate
  7. I agree with some of the lads, saluki crosses can be a bit of a pain, saying that, all dogs can be b*****ds at times. Whichever cross you decide to get, make sure the parents are good at the job that you want the pup for so in your case lamping and ferreting. A pup with good feet is important too as there is nothing more annoying than having a laid up dog all the time. Good luck with whatever you decide to do though fella
  8. That's a lot of permission, sounds like you may need a hand You should have plenty to go at though, good luck for the rest of the season
  9. Good picture, thanks for that, makes a good background on the computer!
  10. She's coming along nicely mate, once you have the recall sorted out and she has a few bunnies under her belt she should be a handy dog. ATB pal
  11. http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/107044207/deerhoundgreyhound-x-greyhound.htmlThese looks some nice pups ATB
  12. East of England Showground, Oundle Road, Peterborough, PE2 6XE
  13. Anybody know if they're still doing the soup on friday night this year?
  14. he's a cracker pal! how tall were the parents just out of interest?
  15. I generally prefer to use jills because they don't get stuck in the purse nets and i've found that when using a hob you have to dig a lot more than when using a jill, just my personal preference but both hobs and jills will do the job
  16. i always feed my dogs in the morning, then give them the kidneys and livers of the rabbits they've caught when i get back from lamping
  17. This is my lad, he's predominantly whippet with a bit of greyhound and wheaten in the mix. The picture doesn't do him much justice but he's a well built little dog, stands at 23".
  18. Nell features on rabbiting man 2, not sure about her breeding, she does have collie in her makeup though
  19. I'm normally not a fan of rough coated dogs but i've got to say she is bloody lovely mate, best of luck with her!
  20. Hi Joe, I live in the Deal area of Kent and have two lurchers, a 9 month old saluki x which i recently rescued and my son has a 2 year old whippet x. I would be happy to meet up for a mooch when the season is here and do a bit of lamping and ferreting if you want to? PM if you want and we can arrange a time and date to go out. Atb, Graham
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