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  1. litter of 9 fox red and black lab pups (6 weeks old) taken from teesdale, co durham. anyone offered any please let me know thanks
  2. got a lab bitch due a week on friday in county durham. if your interested pm me
  3. i use a garmin etrex venture and it is really easy to use. dont think theres a limit on the amount of markers you can set on it, ive got about 300 on mine so you should be fine. easy to set traps and remove when finished. i use it in all conditions, wet and mud is no problem.
  4. i use a garmin gps for my traps on the moor and it works very well. have got hundreds of traps on it and it takes you to within a few feet of the traps.
  5. if you fill it full of shells and shoot one it wont cycle another cartridge into the chamber
  6. the gun has recently stopped cycling cartridges, tried a few different kinds so not a problem with the shells, stripped down and cleaned it, oiled it and still not cycling any ideas?
  7. price negotiable for cash. will listen to offers
  8. Tax and MOT until Feb 2013. Great condition inside and out, only done 37000 miles. Sale due to having use of an estate vehicle so no longer need the car. Paid £5000 for this 3 months ago so looking for around 4500. Can email photos as it wont let me upload them, PM if interested.
  9. anyone got any tips for trapping or shooting magpies? tried larsens with eggs and dogfood in lots of different places and cant get them and cant get a callbird from anyone. also tried sittting out over a rabbit with the shottie with no success. any ideas
  10. anyone used jays as callbirds either for other jays or magpies? caught a few in squirrel cages and wondered if theyre worth trying in the larsens ?
  11. anyone got any tips for getting maggies without a callbird? trying to get a pair in a larsen on the farm. have tried eggs with no joy.
  12. got a new bit of ground to shoot roe and foxes on and just wondering if il get the 308 cleared to use for foxes? if yes whats the best factory loads for foxes and roe. using 123 grain sakos at the minute, anyone recommend anything better?
  13. how much you pay to get barrel shortened and threaded with mod mate?
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