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  1. jmurph101

    Night Vision

    This was in the countrymans this week....seems a bit pricey if you can just use NV
  2. jmurph101

    Night Vision

    just out of interest, was reading on a Facebook group earlier that someone had found a wildlife camera out in the woods, someone had also left a comment saying that if you use a night vision scope it picks out the infrared on these cameras and makes them a lot easier to see, is there much truth in this or has anyone seen them whilst out? any thoughts on legality with regards to not being told your technically under surveillance if these appear on public footpaths etc? just a thought
  3. jmurph101

    Tracer 150

    Has anyone used the handheld rechargeable tracer 150, looking in to a few different lamps and was just wondering how it compared. thanks
  4. jmurph101

    West Mids Hob Vasectomy

    Any body in the west midlands recommend a vet for a hob vasectomy, had a ring around, but some of the prices were scandalous compared to some of the prices i've seen on here. cheers
  5. jmurph101

    Mole Trapping

    i'd love a day out on exmoor
  6. jmurph101

    Pest Control

    I managed to get work with a local company, they paid for my exam, and instead of going on any courses, i just read the pest manual instead, and found some mock up tests and practiced with those, the exams not the hard bit, well...legislation is a killer, but as said before, its all about experience, i'm only 22, and i've been in pest control for about 2-3 years now, luckily i knew someone in the industry to give me a chance, most companies will keep hold of your c.v. as long as its worth the read, quick search on google, first one in south wales, http://www.pandppestcontrol.com give them a call and see what they say...
  7. jmurph101

    Sundays Ratting...1603

    just thought i'd post this for those that hadn't looked through the channel
  8. jmurph101

    Acute Oak Decline

    nah i hadn't, only just found out about the oak! not looking good though! first time id seen a hornet, honey bee and a wasp all in the same place!
  9. had a callout yesterday for a suspected wasp nest in an oak tree, as i approached i was surprised to see not only wasps, but honey bees, and a hornet, feeding off the sap coming from the tree, i spoke to the customer, and they told me the bark had slowly turned black from the bottom up in the last few weeks, had a little look online and sounds and looks very much like acute oak decline disease, turns out the sap that comes from the bark is really sugary, and seemed to be attracting just about everything to it. anybody else come across or experienced this? they've now got a specialist coming out to check the tree, am intrigued to find out what it is, any ideas anyone? or am i way off haha. cheers
  10. jmurph101


    just wondering if theres any feedback yet? anyone used one? worthwhile purchase? cheers
  11. jmurph101

    Sundays Ratting...1603

    Just for those that's interested, there was a write up in either this month or last months earth dog running dog of this days ratting
  12. jmurph101

    Ferret Wheel

    cheers for the info, have found him and pm'ed him, found the topic FAO lee view, had his website too
  13. jmurph101

    Ferret Wheel

    cheers mate, couldn't remember his name, had been on his website before, but had no chance of remembering that!
  14. jmurph101

    Sundays Ratting...1603

    250 is a cracking day! lol, would be happy with 250 any day of the week, but got to admit when we went back and the numbers were down we were a little disappointed lol.
  15. jmurph101

    Ferret Wheel

    was a while back now, but i was just wondering if the bloke who made the ferret wheels was still about on here, if so, any contact info? cheers