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  1. Awh your special all right socks , special needs you f***ing twat
  2. It's plain to see that if mods don't want to hear the truth they close the thread . Bunch of f***ing assholes, close this one to moxy you Dick head
  3. Do they now call themselves the continuity lobster freedom fighters ? Or the real NARA ?
  4. Nice pair of pups treehands wee dog is a belter
  5. Best of luck with them taz , hope they do you proud
  6. I have both here , bull/whippet bitch and bull/grey dog . I know which one will be staying for next season , the wee bitch is good enough but just not the same as the dog
  7. Good jesture milliken, fair play
  8. Smashing looking bitch , all the best with her
  9. Rotten b*****ds taking pups at that age , pray and hope the scumbags at least look after them . In ireland so if anything comes up this way I'll be in touch .
  10. Didn't actually breed them ourselves we bought them in from a family that bred a real good line of them for years . The dog I had was from beagle bitch to lakey dog . My mate had a bitch that was bred from a dog from the same litter back to a beagle bitch . We then bred that bitch to my dog (uncle) . He then bred her to a beagle dog a few years later . We all kept pups and hunted them together as a small pack usually about 4 or 5 of them . Was always fox we hunted both to gun and lurcher. They hunted really well and excelled in tight cover .
  11. You must steep them hands in petril lol
  12. Cheap set up for someone , somebody is getting a bargain
  13. Blisters ? I don't see any Blisters? Cracking pup Lee best of luck with it
  14. Might have some photos somewhere mate I'd need to check , I'm going back 15/20 years . Great little dogs but would have went to ground very handily. Was a family not far from me bred a smashing line of them for years .
  15. Boris that litter turned out to be real crackers , remind a lot on a couple of beagle/lake land cross we had few years back .
  16. Rt make sure the ground under the Base is well packed does not harm to give it a good go with wacker plate . As someone else said dip it here and there and you shouldn't be far away . If you can try not to put the concrete down on a frosty day , where you based ? If local I'd gladly give you a hand with it . Have worked with concrete for years
  17. That's the lurcher gone , happy days lol
  18. Neil the road I live on is called croc-na-broc. Hill of the badger
  19. Storm, flash , Nero, thrower, sport, cosh, haglar, sniper.
  20. Cracking looking bitch , hope you find her a good home
  21. Best of luck with your venture mate , hope things work out for you
  22. Leave the poor dogs alone , just shoot him
  23. Some nice terriers there lads , fair play to use and good luck in the future
  24. Who mentioned patts or bulls ye twat? Regardless of what it is , it still has a head like a rat . If it's perfect for the breed standard use aren't to fussy . Plonkers United yourself and plummer
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