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  1. Photos on my previous post £200 a pup now 2 bitches 2 dogs
  2. http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj574/nailstonecommercials/0C78ECB9-2C2E-441A-8DDE-0EAB79191D55_zpsiydsgwl6.jpg http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj574/nailstonecommercials/AAC580E5-4570-4769-AF20-6C89AAA78D1C_zpso9s9nnjp.jpg http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj574/nailstonecommercials/F6FB10E9-2061-4A2E-8372-9A7AE2D0D3D4_zpsdcbye47d.jpg http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj574/nailstonecommercials/C61F4FE5-201D-44C5-B0B5-47F7D891D801_zpsqvn3dyjm.jpg http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj574/nailstonecommercials/A9E61B47-80F9-444F-A2FE-573A356D5BAC_zps4pmwiy6c.jpg http://i1268.ph
  3. How do you upload photos to it because it won't let me ?
  4. 4 dogs 3 bitches. Bred from chief which was Amos wilshers dog that was out of his old bitch put back to my own bitch. These bloodlines very rarely get shared about. The photos do not do the pups justice. All been de clawed and wormed. 7 week 3 days old. £250 call for more info 07854814146 Leicestershire
  5. Sounds shady ? Only asked how old it is. So if I see it I can be sure it's the right dog
  6. its very hard to find a book on them. My friend owns on that he bought back from morroca and just wanted to read up on them.
  7. Can anybody tell me of a Sloughi hound book lads ? with information on when they mature and so on ?
  8. there sorting out who boss by the sounds of it
  9. only just seen this post but its aload of bolocks.. even if he is banned why should the post be locked i never knew he was banned so whats the point locking it anyway he cant see the fuker cus hes banner
  10. theres a square field near mine that is 1.9 miles all the way round.. i chuck him out and go 15mph one side then go 20 25 and on the opposite side i do 0.5 mile at 30 mph and now hes that fit im following him, not him following me
  11. my 2 year old gets 8 mile at from 15mph to 30
  12. that is a nice bitch.... im might have lost my bitch about 10 mins and o there she is thanks for finding her buddy
  13. whin the cream pup i had of you is on one of my topics now mate.. he will turn out a very good tool

  14. the black beddy whippet broke his leg a few months back
  15. The white dog is 4 month old and the other dog is 2
  16. lads every photo i try to add up it says file to big... how do i do it ?
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