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  1. I have a contour roam 2 hd camera for sale. Have a look at the link below. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B009CN8VRK?pc_redir=1404096841&robot_redir=1 Ill take £ posted
  2. This morning me and my dad went out with a local deer guide Mark Robson, out for a morning stalk to try for a birthday buck. We had only gone 500m from his truck and mark spotted a doe and buck way across the field from us. We lay still rifle all ready on bipod in place making sure i was still, we watched him and he made his way across the field towards us this is where a safe shot at him was available, Heart/Lung shot just a little high but still hitting the lungs and top of the heart, shot was at 100m, job done for 04:40. A nice mature freak head This will be remember forever, great m
  3. or sale - ns50 with lithium battery and recording unit angel eye £300 posted
  4. Thanks pal yeah got a shooting beanbag on the door
  5. Thanks pal hahahahaha yeah thats the plan Yeqh getting stuck into the rabbits as much as i can Hope you get out pal, weather is a pain in the ass
  6. Thanks gaz Thanks villaman hope the weather hold out for you
  7. Evening This is my 7th video i have made took a wee bit longer due to the weather being really nasty up here Hope you enjoy it
  8. Evening This is my 7th video i have made took a wee bit longer due to the weather being really nasty up here Hope you enjoy it
  9. I can only say that my rifle is 90% quieter with my huggett mod. Truly fantastic and stunning but thats just my views. Each to ther own
  10. I can same that I am 110 % happy with my huggett leafy mod its fantastic really whisper quiet I havent used a hw mod but I guess a fair amount of others on here have.
  11. I dont know pal never had a hw mod but I love my huggett leafy mod
  12. Yeah i really like the look of it which is a added bonus as its a great reducer of noise totally happy with it ////yeah its now done now Its a push on thanks toby63 /thanks gaz did you get a shroud or just the mod? Yeah i bought the scope second hand and got the mounts with it, they have been painted getting new lower mounts Thanks pal really like it
  13. Yeah love the bolt. Nothing else I want to do to the rapid
  14. Hello all Havent posted in a while, havent been out due to weather and work I have been after a new mod for my rapid to get the noise down and i seen this huggett It is fantastic really really whisper quite and it looks great!!! Once fitted and tried it out on paper i went to the farm and knew i would bump into some ferals
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