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  1. i bought a couple of ferrets when they wers 6 weeks old,they will be 9 week old this friday, i handle them 3 times a day so they are very tame and very good fun,but i do want them to do some rabbiting on some of my permissions,so the question is what age should i start taking them out and the best way to train them,they have had a rabbit and loved it ,and a couple of birds, should i feed them before i go out? any advise please i will be making sure i have a locator so i dont lose them.
  2. air arms s200 mk3 177 single shot with hw silencer,also falcon ns-52 gen 1 night vision dedicated scope,3x50 with ir laser 1000 can be adjustead to a spot to a full fludd £550 oldham area
  3. you are right i will have this sorted this weekend
  4. i have no pics sorry but im sure you in the know, know what one looks like in very good condition sorry no pics available
  5. as above £350 pm me selling for a friend very good condition never messed with hw silencer 2x mags SOLD SOLD thanks
  6. all sorted now i have a couple of ferrets £10 each 6 weeks old will upload some pics at weekend little crackers
  7. i also want a couple of ferrets,let me know what you got but no albinos im from oldham close to manchester,will pay £10 each young ones if possible thanks
  8. im going to be building a ferret cage over the weekend if i get the time,going to build mine in the shed looking at both of these in going to build one like the one in the botton pic coz i can get some of that wood for free,hopefully just need to buy the mesh and screws when built i will be needing a couple of ferrets end body have a couple for sale close to manchester?? let me know
  9. what a good day shooting you had, and a good video pitty you never got the magpie
  10. make me a offer just on scope and laser ill post it for 7 pound
  11. im from oldham ,near manchester
  12. falcon ns-52 gen 1 night vision scope with ir laser adjustes to a spot to a fludd cost 145 on its own, weaver mounts,also air arms s200 mk3 177 single shot in fantastic condition, £600 bargain ready to use all zeroed in killed many of rabbit and rats with this genuine reason for sale, please call me on,07546607411 no pics available but could text some if you send me your number thanks for looking grab a bargain
  13. may be some one on here can do a shoot swop with me from time to time,i have a couple of golf courses which i have written permission for in return take me to your permission???
  14. Any pics mate? pictures will be added tonight,when he finishes work, some one going to get a bargain here
  15. as above i have a golf course that i can shoot pigeons on,in return i would want to go on some ones rabbit shooting permission manchester area may travel with in reason i have my own car
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